FC Riga has opened a new and modern sports base

  • 2021-09-17
  • Zigismunds Zalamanis

Football club Riga in cooperation with the development company Baltic Sport Group has created in Piņķi a new, modern sports base equipped according to the latest standards, which has three full-size football fields, and it is planned to install modern and comfortable changing rooms, a 250 square meters gym, as well as a special beach football field. In addition, one of the fields is heated, which will ensure that athletes can train outdoors even in winter.

The new sports complex is named Baltic Sports Village. It is inspired by the best football fields in Europe and is created, using modern technologies and possibilities.

The football fields have a hybrid cover, which combines both synthetic material and natural grass and which will ensure that the fields be used in any weather conditions and will maintain the same quality. FC Riga has installed the best hybrid cover supplied by the industry leader GREENFIELDS (Netherlands). This cover is FIFA certified. Analog coverage is used by the world's best football clubs. Special white Latvian sand with quartz has been used for the beach football field, which will make it a comfortable for playing barefoot.

It is planned that the football fields will be used for their matches by various clubs from Europe and all over the world. FC Riga is proud to have managed to create a sports base that meets modern requirements and allows both children and adults to train and play in quality conditions.