Ex-Lithuanian president's wife calls police over domestic violence

  • 2020-04-20
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Police officers were called in to the home of ex-Lithuanian President Rolandas Paksas on Saturday, and the former president was later taken to hospital, Ramunas Matonis, spokesman for the Police Departament, told BNS.

"The wife's call was received that her husband was under the influence of alcohol and was rowing and using physical violence. No evidence of physical harm caused was found upon arrival and the man was taken to hospital because of this health state. The wife refrained from medical assistance," he said.

Paksas was not tested for the level of alcohol in his system, the police spokesman said.

No pre-trial investigation has been launched because of this incident.

Paksas was elected Lithuania's president in January, 2003 and was impeached and removed in April, 2004 after the Constitutional Court ruled that he breached his oath and committed a gross violation of the Constitution when he granted Lithuanian citizenship to his main financial supporter Yuri Borisov by means of exception.