Event Guide

  • 2018-03-28




Until Apr. 08. Kaisa Maasik’s solo exhibition ‘Your Love Hurts’. Tartu Art House, Tartu

Showing in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House, Kaisa Maasik’s ‘Your Love Hurts’ uses stories from Estonians who talk about their experiences with domestic violence.` The gallery has been transformed into a shared installation space where the audience can reflect upon their own experiences. The artist adds: “It’s difficult to admit that somebody whom you love and who loves you in turn has hurt you in the past or is doing it currently, even if they don’t mean to. Included in the exhibition anonymous family members talk about their experiences and viewers can record their own stories. Many of these come from childhood. Children don’t know what’s right but they feel when something is wrong. They intervene and admit what's going on.” Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge. Find out more at www.kunstimaja.ee 

Apr. 12-19. ‘Sacred’ Estonian Music Days 2018. Tartu, Tallinn

In 2018, when Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary, the theme of the oldest music festival in Estonia, Estonian Music Days, is ‘Sacred’. Sacred in the widest, most beautiful and human dimension, from a blessed sacred feeling to a silent gratitude, from everyday holidays to uniqueness and miracles. Through the sacred, integrity is created, sacredness connects and unites. The sacredness of life, the nature of things, respect, relationships with the sacred, inner sacredness. People, a collective joy and something shared. Sacred sounds, sacred pauses. Sacred songs, sacred texts. Sacred places, sacred parties. The festival Estonian Music Days comes again with fresh spring energy. It takes place already for the 39th time and is the largest festival of premieres in Estonia, which, over the course of one week, will bring together over 30 new pieces from eminent Estonian composers of different generations. The performers are Estonian top performers and interpreters, among them the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, the Estonian National Male Choir and many more. The festival also includes internationally renowned interpreters and musicians from Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. The festival programme can be found at www.eestimuusikapaevad.ee

Apr. 20-29. The 29th Tallinn International Festival Jazzkaar 2018. Throughout Estonia

The 29th Tallinn International Festival Jazzkaar will take place towards the end of April. The home of the festival will be once again Telliskivi Creative City, which offers the best festival mood. Concerts will be held in towns all over Estonia. With its interesting and unique programme and bold solutions, Jazzkaar is the best jazz festival in the Nordic region. The 10-day Jazzkaar has the largest amount of concerts among all the festivals in Estonia, where over 3,000 foreign musicians from 60 countries perform. Found out more at www.jazzkaar.ee 

Apr. 21-28. The 11th Harpsichord Festival. Various venues around Tallinn

The 11th edition of the Harpsichord Festival will take place in some of Tallinn’s most prominent concert halls such as the Kadriorg Palace, the House of the Black Heads, the Ungern-Sternberg Palace and Great Guild Hall. The concerts will feature performers from France, Italy, Germany, Romania, Lithuania, Russia and Estonia, also including the youngest generation of Estonian harpsichord players. Enjoy the masterworks of the Baroque era in interpretations by some of today’s top artists. For more, see www.tallinnharpsichordfestival.com.

Apr. 27-28. Tallinn Coffee Festival. Creative Hub, Tallinn

The Tallinn Coffee Festival will be held for the second time at the city’s Creative Hub. An event for professionals and coffee lovers alike, the goal of the festival is to develop Estonian coffee culture and introduce the exciting world of coffee. The two-day festival will introduce a wide variety of different types of coffee, coffee-making techniques and equipment. In addition, it's possible to enjoy good music and a wonderful programme. On Saturday, there are also exciting activities for families with children. For professionals, baristas, restaurant and cafeteria owners and buyers, the festival offers a special programme including competitions and workshops. The event is attended by more than 40 companies offering tea, cocoa, syrups etc in addition to coffee. Both world famous brands and local roasting houses are represented. In addition to hot drinks, several pop-up cafes and restaurants will also be open to make the taste experience perfect. Professionals and enthusiasts, local roasters, importers, cafes and coffee lovers all together in one pot. Find out more at www.tallinncoffeefestival.ee 

Apr. 27-29. Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival. Haapsalu Cultural Center, Cinema & City Gallery

The Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival is a three-day independent festival focusing on the best genre films from recent years and exploring the darker and odder side of cinema from fantasy to horror, forgotten classics and special retrospectives to extreme films. The festival has a vibrant event schedule including thematic events and parties, all taking place in Haapsalu, a seaside town in western Estonia known for its healing mud and haunting castle! Find out more online at www.hoff.ee 

Apr. 27  May 5. The 11th Jõhvi Ballet Festival, Jõhvi Concert Hall, Jõhvi

For the first time ever three theatre companies witll participate in the Jõhvi Ballet Festival, the St. Petersburg Mihhailovsky Theater, the Moscow Ballet Theatre and the Estonian National Ballet. This year the festival focuses on contemporary dance theatre and provides only contemporary ballet performances from the best of the best. More information online at www.concert.ee.

Until Apr. 29. The State Is Not a Work of Art. Tallinn Art Hall

This exhibition initiated by the Tallinn Art Hall and curated by the international contemporary art curator Katerina Gregos examines what today’s countries are built on. People have tried to congregate into groups based on similar characteristics throughout history, defining themselves by geography and searching for some kind of kinship. Thus, we can view the creation of nation states as the next evolutionary phase. Estonia’s 100th anniversary seems to be the perfect point at which to discuss what’s critically important for the future of Europe. Around 10 facets will be presented to the Estonian public, selected by Katerina Gregos, a Greek curator working in Brussels and invited by the Tallinn Art Hall. If a state is not an artwork, what is it? The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive public programme of events in Estonian, English and Russian including debates, tours and special events that will help open up the exhibition to both contemporary art enthusiasts as well as those interested in politics, economics and history.


Apr. 1-2. Easter Celebrations. Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, Riga

On Easter morning, everyone should get up early so that they feel alert and happy throughout the year. Easter celebrations at the museum represent the intertwining of folklore with modern and Christian traditions. The day will begin with a service at the Usma Church and continue with dying eggs and swinging on swings. This day will be full of songs, games, customs and the ‘driving away of the birds’ under the guidance of folklore groups. At the Priedes Pub gourmands will be delighted by the variety of traditional dishes, but those interested in local crafts will be able to visit the arts and crafts fair. Find our more at www.brivdabasmuzejs.lv 

Apr. 4. Michael Pipoquinha. VEF Culture Palace, Riga

The sensational Brazilian bass guitarist Michael Pipoquinha has been described by music critics as “refreshingly vital and a virtuoso”. The musician’s career began when he was 13, literally ‘blowing up’ the internet with home-made music videos. Now, at the age of 21, Michael’s performances have captivated audiences at major jazz festivals in Europe and South America. At the VEF Palace of Culture the musician will perform together with the Riga Jazz Quartet. For more information see www.vefkp.lv. For information about tickets, go to www.bilesuparadize.lv

Apr. 5-7. Riga Jazz Stage. Splendid Palace, Riga

Every year, Riga Jazz Stage gathers up-and-coming jazz musicians from Latvia and around the world, allowing the audience to watch their favourite musicians during the competition and enjoy top quality jazz in yet unheard interpretations. The International Jazz Artist Contest has already received applications from young jazz talents in Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland. Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Turkey, Taiwan Syria, and Armenia. This year’s competition will take place in the two categories of Jazz Vocals and Jazz Bass. Furthermore, music lovers are invited to attend special jam sessions, or the official after party, each night at the Trompete jazz club from 22:00. The Festival’s full programme can be found at www.rigajazz.lv. Tickets can be bought online at www.bilesuserviss.lv

Apr. 9-15. Spring Sigulda Restaurant Week. Restaurants throughout the city

As part of Sigulda Restaurant Week, guests are invited to enjoy three-course meals from a selection of restaurants in Sigulda and the surrounding area. The organisers of Sigulda Restaurant Week kindly recommend those who wish to enjoy a meal at one of the participating restaurants to book a table ahead of time. For reservations contact the restaurants directly. For more information about the events, see www.sigulda.lv or www.tourism.sigulda.lv

Apr. 12-14. Baltic Fashion & Textile Riga. Kipsala International Exposition Center, Riga

This diverse exposition offers everything from fabrics and sewing supplies to manufacturing equipment, knitwear, lace, leather accessories, innovative textile products, technical and home textile, ready-made clothes and functional clothing, designer clothes and fashion accessories etc. Seminars and fashion shows will demonstrate novelties of the fashion and textile industry. Professionals will be able to establish new business contacts during the brokerage event. For more information, see www.bt1.lv/bt1/fashion 

Apr. 13. LNSO Beethoven and Bartók Music Concert. Great Guild, Riga

Bartók’s lively Dance Suite will serve as an introduction. The genius Hungarian composer wrote the piece to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the union of the cities Buda and Pest. Rózsa’s Viola Concerto is well known among viola players, but where else? The Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, together with the outstanding concert master Inara Brinuma (viola) and the conductor Junichi Hirokami will make this grand, significant work accessible to a wider audience. Finally, Beethoven’s Symphony Number 7, a classic masterpiece with a ritual performance in the slow movement, and a waterfall of light in the finale will be performed. For more information and tickets, see www.bilesuparadize.lv 

Apr. 13 - May 13. Riga Photography Biennial 2018. Riga Art Space, Riga

The central exhibition of the biennial will assess the aspects of human identity in the era of modern technological development, asking such questions Who are we today? How is our interaction with the place and time we call today formed? How does technological socialisation determine the formation of identities today? Emphasising, whilst at the same time asking about the importance and status of photography in the visual arts, the exhibition will present the photograph as part of a wider culture of images that has undergone rapid changes in recent years, significantly impacting the way we think. Participating in the exhibition will be 12 photographer from countries which, like Latvia, are also celebrating their centenary anniversaries, namely Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Poland, as well as photographers from Germany, France and the United Kingdom. See www.makslastelpa.lv for more information.

Until Apr. 15. Helga Ingeborga Melnbarde, Reason To Be... Porcelain Museum, Riga

The experienced master of ceramics Helga Ingeborga Melnbarde gets her inspiration from poetry, music and stage art. In her work, the artist likes to play with various styles and combinations, which many would initially say is impossible. Melnbarde’s porcelain drawings are expressive and colourful. The exhibition features the artist’s latest works as well as some of her best works from the past including painted dishes inspired by contemporary Latvian and foreign literature as well as from music and stage art.


Apr. 7. ‘Feel Link’ Street Dance Performance. Arts Printing House, Vilnius

Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius represent a new generation of Lithuanian dancers and choreographers. Feel-Link explores their relationship as a couple as they use gritty free urban dance to express their emotions towards each other. Feel-Link was the first urban/hip-hop dance production in Lithuania and on its debut was nominated for the prestigious Lithuanian Golden Stage Cross theatre awards (for Best Debut of the Year) and they were awarded that competition’s Best Choreographers the following year. Feel-Link features an evocative electronic soundtrack that ultimately gives way to the passion and sophisticated rawness of Nina Simone’s Feelings as the dancers engage in a seemingly endless cycle of repressed feelings that ultimately come to an astonishing conclusion. Find out more at www.menuspaustuve.lt.

Apr. 13-14. Mados Infekcija. Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius

Mados Infekcija was started in 1999 and every year its schedule involves catwalk shows, exhibitions, seminars, showrooms and free events for fashion devotees. The festival is distinguished for its conceptuality. The aim of the event is not to show and create trends or to be a fashion dictator, but to help people develop an individual style and attitude towards fashion and to apply the knowledge in everyday life. The Bohemian spirit, some extraordinary and unconventional fashion shows, the fusion of music, video, photography and other fields of art make the festival a unique two-day experience. Mados Infekcija breaks traditional boundaries of fashion weeks as it’s available for everybody and has the purpose to spread the knowledge of fashion among people. For more information, see www.madosinfekcija.lt/en/ 

Apr. 15-21. New Opera Action Festival NOA. Various venues around Vilnius

NOA (New Opera Action) is a contemporary alternative opera and multidisciplinary art festival that gave a start to the Operomanija movement in 2008. NOA crosses traditional opera genre boundaries and searches for interdisciplinary crossroads. It declares freedom, collective creation, openness to various ideas and collaboration forms. NOA doesn’t fit into any frame and doesn’t try to confine itself to themes, terms and forms. The festival mostly presents worldwide opera premieres. Find out more at www.noa.lt.