Evangelist and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic describes welcome at Tallinn Airport as nicest he has ever received

  • 2023-11-16

“This is the nicest airport welcome I’ve been given in my entire life!” Nick said upon being greeted in song at the Arrivals gate by the St Olaf’s choir.

Nick Vujicic was invited to Estonia by Pastor Sergei Shidlovski, the head of the NGO God Seekers Movement. Shidlovski says that Vujicic’s arrival in the country comes just two months after the invitation was extended to him.

“I’m very grateful to Nick, because at a time when the world and many of the people in it are in the midst of crisis, we really need his faith and attitude to life here in Estonia,” Shidlovski said. “Nick’s message will support us all in this difficult time.”

This afternoon, Vujicic will be meeting with President of the Riigikogu Lauri Hussar.

Vujicic has been brought to Tallinn in cooperation with Christian churches in Estonia. Pastor Shidlovski is particularly grateful to St Olaf’s Church for their vital contribution in hosting Vujicic’s talk.

Nick Vujicic

To the shock of his parents and doctors, Nick was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 without arms or legs. No medical reason was initially found for his disability.

With the support of his family, Nick began leading a full and normal life, never allowing the limitations of his body to restrict his lifestyle. He constantly wondered why he was different to other children. Overcoming both depression and loneliness, he spent his school years pursuing the same hobbies and interests as anyone his age.

Nick addressed a crowd for the first time with his Christian message at the age of 19. Since then he has shared his story, and his strength of will, with millions of people around the world: students, teachers, youngsters, business people and Christian congregations.

In order to spread his message against bullying, Nick works with the education ministries of many countries. He devised a curriculum entitled ‘Attitude Is Altitude’, which helps to instil a positive mentality and values in the younger generation. He is dedicated to saving orphans and victims of human trafficking and has met a number of presidents and prime ministers.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, an investor, a producer and an actor, Nick is a best-selling author. He loves fishing, painting and swimming.

Nick has visited 78 countries and addressed around 800,000 people on 3500 stages.

In 2005 Nick travelled from Australia to Southern California, where he founded the NGO Life Without Limbs. He remains its president and CEO to this day.