Estonian president urges everyone to do their part to help health care workers

  • 2021-10-22
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian President Alar Karis who met with managers of major hospitals on Friday called on everyone to think how they can support health care workers who have given all they can in the coronavirus pandemic.

"We have a concern today. The situation in hospitals is deteriorating by the hour. The managers of four major hospitals were very clear about this at our meeting. The treatment of one COVID patient requires twice as much staff as regular treatment, and follow-up care of COVID patients last for a long time," Karis said.

Doctors, nurses, carers and the entire medical system have been exhausted by the coronavirus pandemic and are too overworked to make another effort.

"A very large share of our compatriots will not be able to see their doctor for their health concerns at an appointment made for the near future for example for planned surgery or medical examination. Thus, the time is near when we all know someone who is suffering during the coronavirus crisis without having caught the coronavirus because they could not receive their treatment in time. Or the medical specialist is so tired and drained that they can no longer work at their hospital of family medical center. Or we'll know someone who is doing to die," Karis said.

The president called on everyone to think what they can personally do to help doctors, nurses and carers right now.

"Be it by getting vaccinated, working from home, keeping a distance with your fellow citizens, not going to a family party, wearing a mask or some other reasonable measure, but we must all do something right now," Karis said.

"Unfortunately, in the eyes of hospital managers, the restrictions are not working in the society and they are not being complied with," the head of state said. "We have all taken our first breath in this world thanks to medical workers and many of us will also draw our last ones under their care. Let us do all we can now to ensure that the last breath of as many people in Estonia as possible is not drawn today, tomorrow or next week."

"Let us support medics. We do not merely affect ourselves with our actions but everyone else as well -- our next of kin, colleagues and the entire society," the president said.