Estonian president proclaims laws concerning beekeeping, e-commerce

  • 2021-02-16
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid on Tuesday proclaimed amendments to the laws concerning support for beekeeping, the administrative burden on food handlers, e-commerce and hemp seed import licenses.

The amendment to the European Union Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Implementation Act clarifies the content of the activity report to be prepared about the beekeeping year for the implementation of support for the beekeeping sector, which, in addition to activities, must include the results of the beekeeping program, the president's office said.

The law also specifies the basic documents of eligible costs required to receive the support and adds two new grants.

Other amendments to the European Union Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Implementation Act also clarify the application for an import license for hemp seeds and apply to licenses other than for sowing, such as fodder or oil pressing.

The amendments to the Value-added Tax Act and the Customs Act transpose the innovations of the EU VAT directive, which change the taxation of e-commerce between member states and abolish the exemption for imports of small consignments up to 22 euros in value.

The purpose of the amendments is to simplify VAT obligations for companies operating across borders and to ensure equal treatment of Estonian entrepreneurs compared to non-EU persons engaged in business -- the changes reduce the administrative burden for companies in intra-EU trade.

The amendment to the Food Act seeks to reduce the administrative burden on food handlers, especially small businesses, introduces more flexible requirements for the company's buildings and premises and allows food of animal origin to be marketed on the basis of a notification obligation.