Estonian president: Support for Ukraine must be persistent, effective

  • 2024-01-09
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonian President Alar Karis said after a meeting of the National Defense Council on Monday that Ukraine can win the war if the Euro-Atlantic community stays by its side clearly and for the long term 

"The Western world must continue to cooperate closely and our support for Ukraine must be long-term, persistent and effective," the president said after the meeting, where Russia's war in Ukraine and border security in our region were discussed.

"Ukraine needs even more weapons and even better weapons. It is important that all countries that have the capability put their military industries to work so that Ukraine gets what it needs and that Europe becomes militarily strong again. Let's make this the last war of aggression on European soil," Karis said.

"In Estonia, we continue to believe that all aggressors must lose their wars and Russia must also lose the war in Ukraine," the head of state added. "Regardless of the specific situation on the front, we believe in the will and bravery of Ukrainians to defend their country and liberate Ukraine from the enemy."

According to the president, Ukraine's future defense and security guarantees are also decisive in ensuring the future security of Europe.

"A clearly formulated path to membership in the European Union, as well as NATO, would already in itself be a strategic victory for Ukraine and the entire West," Karis said.

According to the head of state, Estonia is also sure that the war criminals will receive their punishment and the war damages caused to Ukraine will be compensated. He thanked all state institutions and people of Estonia who have helped Ukraine.

Another topic that the National Defense Council discussed was border security and migration pressure in our region.

"Russia is now also testing the will and readiness of Finland and Estonia with migration attacks," Karis said. "This is not a surprise for Estonia. We are well prepared and of course we will continue to help our allies whenever needed."

According to Karis, the border must withstand not only hybrid attacks, but also tanks and combat units if necessary, so that Estonia is protected from the first meter -- from the first minute.

"Military defense facilities in our border region is certainly one topic that must be continued with. The Ministry of Defense is currently working in this direction with its Baltic colleagues," he added.

Karis also emphasized the need for close domestic cooperation in national defense.

"All state institutions, the government, the parliament, the whole society, and of course myself, have a clear role to play here," the president said.