Estonian PM answers MPs' interpellation about handling of vaccines by Health Board

  • 2021-10-18
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas answered an interpellation by members of the parliament on Monday about events which the MPs called a disorder in the handling of medicines and vaccines in the Health Board.

The MPs who submitted the interpellation cited a report by the Government Office which according to the MPs revealed a disorder in the handling of medicines and vaccines at the Health Board, which in addition to constituting a violation of the rules for handling medicines and vaccines also caused some three million euros' worth of damages, spokespeople for the parliament said.

The MPs wanted to know who will be held accountable for the violation and how. They also asked how the government plans to instill confidence in people that they have not received defective medicines or vaccines in the past few years.

The prime minister said in her reply that it is the obligation of the Health Board as an activity license holder to implement a quality system, which among other things also establishes accountability processes and risk management measures.

"Head of the Health Board Ullar Lanno took responsibility for it by resigning from his post," Kallas said.

The head of government added that the vaccines or medicines that have not been stored according to requirements have not been used. Kallas said that the Health Board, too, has confirmed that the vaccines that were stored at the cold storage units of the Health Board's central warehouse at higher temperatures than permitted at the end of June 2021 have not been administered to people.