Estonian parlt group expresses support to Georgia on 15th anniversary of Russia's invasion

  • 2023-08-07
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonia-Georgia parliamentary friendship group expressed its support to the restoration of Georgia’s territorial integrity on Monday.

The parliamentary friendship group notes in its statement that Monday marks the 15th anniversary of Russia's invasion into the territory of independent Georgia.

"Just like the people of Ukraine, the Georgian nation is also fully aware of how Russia's aggression causes trouble, suffering, and destruction both to the civilian population and the country as a whole. The Georgian citizens in Abkhazia and South Ossetia have had to struggle with Russia's occupation and its consequences for 15 years. Many have fallen victim to persecution or forced resettlement, regional communities have become impoverished and lost their livelihoods. In light of this, it is paramount that Russia adheres to the obligations it assumed under the 2008 ceasefire agreement and displays full respect for the sovereignty of the Georgian nation," the group writes in its statement. 

"Just like in the case of Ukraine for the past year and a half, we emphasize the importance of Estonia's continuing support to Georgia in resisting Russia's aggression, in view of enhancing all-round security and stability in Europe. We express our support to the Georgian people, who are striving to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country, and commemorate those who lost their lives or suffered injuries during the 2008 invasion by the Russian forces," group chairman Lauri Laats and deputy chairman Vadim Belobrovtsev said.

Other members of the parliamentary friendship group are Aleksei Jevgrafov, Maria Jufereva-Skuratovski, Andrei Korobeinik, Anastassia Kovalenko-Kolvart, Liisa-Ly Pakosta, Juku-Kalle Raid, Mati Raidma, Pipi-Liis Siemann, Peeter Tali, Kadri Tali, Tarmo Tamm, Igor Taro, and Hendrik Johannes Terras.

Parliamentary friendship groups help the MPs communicate with other national parliaments, carry out Estonia's foreign policy, and promote the country around the world.