Estonian minister: No rock festival-style events to be held this summer

  • 2020-04-28
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Elaborating on a comment made by Minister of Culture Tonis Lukas on Monday to the effect that no large-scale public events will be held in Estonia this summer, Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps told reporters on Tuesday that what Lukas had been referring to were rock festival-style events.

"Different countries have been doing things differently. Where a mass event in Germany is with an attendance of 100,000, in Estonia we probably aren't talking about a scale like that," Reps said, commenting on how big an event could be deemed a mass event in Estonia.  

"The examples that we analyzed from last summer are events lasting several days which draw several thousand participants, where people sleep very close to each other in tents," Reps said.

"The signal from the minister of culture to the organizers was that such events -- how did the Danes call them indeed -- rock festival-style things, please don't organize them this year," the minister of education and research said.

"We didn't take the path of saying it out how many thousand participants there have to be for an event to be a large event," Reps said, adding that also the nature of the audience of the specific event and whether there might be at-risk groups involved should be taken into consideration.