Estonian govt conducts energy crisis exercise

  • 2022-12-01
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian government on Thursday conducted a crisis exercise to practice action in a situation where there is not enough electricity to cover the needs of the entire country.

According to Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, the country is constantly preparing for various threat scenarios, currently the electricity supply is on the agenda.

"Estonia can produce most of the electricity it needs by itself and we have good connections with both Finland and Latvia. At the same time, we must be ready for worst-case scenarios that previously seemed unthinkable, be they extraordinary natural circumstances, accidents or sabotage," she said.

In the exercise, the government was guided by a scenario in which Russia disconnects Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from its power grids and the Baltic states start synchronization with the synchronous area of continental Europe. As a result, there will be a wider electricity deficit in the Nordic countries and weak wind, technical failures and limited imports create a situation where there is not enough electricity to cover the entire country's needs.

"In a situation where there is not enough electricity for all people and companies, saving is the most important thing. We have seen in Ukraine that by working together and with the help of partners, the country can manage," Kallas said. "The readiness of each person and company is important, whether it is having the necessary food and drink stock, a power generator, crisis plans or a pocket radio," she added.

At the exercise, the ministers gave an overview of the readiness, activities and savings in their area of governance and discussed cooperation both within the country and across borders. In addition, the ministers received an overview of population notification, behavioral guidelines and the legal framework during a crisis.

A few days before the government exercise, the Government Office conducted a discussion with partner institutions where bottlenecks and opportunities for cooperation were mapped in situations where electricity is limited. According to State Secretary Taimar Peterkop, the readiness of the private sector for crises is getting better and better, and the more thoroughly preparations are together, the stronger the country will be in difficult times.

The Government Office conducts government crisis drills regularly to test and practice preparedness for potential emergency situations.