Estonia's RIA concludes agreement on enhancement of cyber-security with India

  • 2019-08-22
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) on Wednesday signed a cooperation agreement with India, under which the two countries will start seeing to more effective protection of cyber-security.

The memorandum was signed by RIA Director General Margus Noormaa with India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Under the accord, RIA's incident response department CERT-EE and the cyber-security unit of India performing similar tasks will launch regular exchanges of information, advise and assist each other and exchange experts if necessary, spokespeople for RIA said on Thursday. 

"Ensuring of cyber-security requires close interaction between many countries and regular exchanges of information. Cyberspace is our common responsibility; that national borders do not apply in it makes the contribution of each individual country to ensuring of security very important," the director general of RIA said. 

In addition to the cyber-security cooperation memorandum, the parties signed two more cooperation accords -- on the exemption of diplomatic passports from the visa requirement with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a cooperation memorandum on e-governance with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.