Estonia: Tartu to expand smart bike share system by building 10 new terminals

  • 2020-02-06
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Tartu city government is planning to expand the city's smart bike share system launched last year by building ten new bike terminals in various locations across the city.

Deputy mayor of Tartu Raimond Tamm said that one of the reasons why the bike share system proved so successful was that terminals were made available all over the city, and the plan is to further increase the number thereof, spokespeople for the city government told BNS on Thursday.

"Also an important step was building terminals outside traditional city limits and offering an alternative to car use in order to reduce the negative effects thereof," Tamm said. 

The first stage of the project involves construction of the terminals and their electrical connections. The city government has entered into a contract with the Terasteenus OU construction company for the corresponding construction and design works for 54,660 euros.

Altogether 200,000 euros has been earmarked in the city's 2020 budget for smart bike terminal construction.