Estonia: Cinema operator Apollo subjecting theaters to electrostatic disinfection

  • 2020-04-20
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - In what is a first in this country, disinfection of the premises of the Mustamae cinema of Estonian cinema operator Apollo by means of electrostatic disinfection was conducted by the company Stell on Monday to ensure virus-free surfaces in the theaters.

"This is the first major action among several hygiene procedures to take place in our cinemas shortly in order to prepare for the opening of the cinemas and offer our customers as safe a visit to the cinema as possible," Kadri Arm, manager of Apollo cinemas in the Baltics, said in a press release on Monday. 

Electrostatic disinfection of surfaces, which is performed for the first time in Estonia, enables to carry out disinfection easily and fast and is more effective compared to the ordinary spray or contact method, as electrostatically charged particles are able to enter also microcracks in the surfaces. 

"The current situation apparently has forced several of the companies active in the field of services to review their existing hygiene standards. As the biggest cinema chain in Estonia, we wish to provide cinemagoers with a cinema experience that meets their expectations, is safe and of high quality when the cinemas are reopened," Arm said.

She said that during the time that the cinemas have been closed, Apollo has done a lot of work to ensure the availability of necessary personal protective equipment, launch new requirements when it comes to cleaning, and prepare materials for in-house training.

"We are grateful to our good cooperation partner Stell, who was prepared to test this innovative cleaning technology with Apollo Kino," Arm said.

Margus Valling, purchase and sales director at Stell, said that while the selection of disinfecting agents and methods on the market is very wide, they wish to try and find the best solution for each client in collaboration with the client.

"Today's situation, where the demands concerning cleanness and disinfection of surfaces are becoming ever higher due to the spread of the coronavirus, is altogether favorable of innovation and the implementation of new solutions," he said. 

Apollo Kino owns cinemas in Tallinn, Parnu, Tartu, Narva and Saaremaa in Estonia having altogether 37 theaters with a total capacity of 5,600 viewers. In 2019, Apollo Kino opened its first cinemas in Latvia and Lithuania.

Stell started business as ESS Puhastusteenused in 1995, and was part of ISS, one of the world's largest cleaning and property management services groups, from 2005 until the beginning of this year. The company currently employs a workforce of 1,500 people and serves approximately 400 corporate customers and over 300 apartment associations all over Estonia.