Estonia: Bolt launches grocery delivery service in Tallinn, Tartu

  • 2021-09-28
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Starting Tuesday,  Estonian transport service company Bolt is launching the Bolt Market service in Tallinn and Tartu, through which groceries can be ordered using the Bolt Food mobile application.

The company's goal is to deliver groceries to the customer in 15 minutes, Bolt said. In addition to Estonia, the service is planned to be launched soon in other Baltic and Central European countries, as well as in Sweden, Portugal, Croatia and Romania.

"We have set ourselves the goal that the goods ordered from Bolt Market will reach the customer within 15 minutes. As we are only just starting to test the service and the number of stores is small, we can initially ensure such fast home delivery for orders placed within a radius of up to five kilometers from the store. Once more shops are added and there is more uniform coverage, the delivery time will be reduced in other areas as well," Maxim Milashenko, regional manager of Bolt Market, said.

At the moment, people can order groceries from among some 2,000 items from Bolt Market. According to the company, new products are constantly being added to the application and the selection of other basic consumer goods is also expanding. Bolt Market is also expanding the areas where goods can be ordered to in the near future.

"There are currently three dark stores operating in Tallinn and one in Tartu. In order to ensure the widest possible selection of goods and fast home delivery, we want to significantly increase the number of stores in the coming months," Milashenko said.

To order groceries, the person needs to download the Bolt Food application to their phone, where they can see the selection of items. Before confirming the order, the application shows the price of the order and the estimated time of delivery home. To pay for the order, the user must enter their bank card details in the application.