EBS awarded internationally renowned EPAS accreditation for economics programmes

  • 2019-06-28
  • TBT Staff

The English language International Business Administration Bachelor's Programme at the EBS passed the EPAS accreditation and quality control and was awarded one of the most prestigious certificates for business schools. No other Estonian university has been accredited by EPAS.

All EPAS accredited business and management programmes offer a global perspective and high quality studies. "The EPAS accreditation certifies that our economics programmes meet the quality standards of top international universities," Rector of EBS Arno Almann explained. "Such international recognition ensures that our quality of studies and curricula developments are globally competitive and that graduates of the EBS get an education comparable to that of the most prestigious business schools in the world."

The Estonian Business School's (EBS) International Business Administration Bachelor's Programme was awarded the EPAS accreditation for the first time in 2016. In 2019 the programme passed the committee's quality check once again. Almann added that defending the title is always a greater challenge than receiving it in the first place. Being awarded the accreditation for the second time is especially significant for the university. " EBS is the only EPAS accredited university in Estonia, but this recognition also improves the reputation of our higher education and creates new opportunities for both students and lecturers working with renowned European universities."

In order to receive the accreditation, the EBS study programme was assessed in a rigorous process that took into account the programme's position at a local and international level, the content and evaluation criteria of the curriculum, students' results, lecturers' suitability and graduates' later paths in life. The committee's analysis and evaluation highlighted cooperation between the EBS's faculty of economics and various enterprises and a willingness to react to the market's needs as the school's strengths. It was also pointed out that the EBS has very high quality international partners and student exchange programmes. These three aspects were judged to be the best practices of the EBS's curriculum.

The recognised International Business Administration English language Bachelor's Programme is one of the EBS's oldest and most popular curricula, which has been completed by over 2000 people from 9 countries.

In addition to the EBS, schools such as the University of Vaasa, Oxford Brookes University, Glasgow Caledonian University, the EDC Paris Business School, the University of Strasbourg and Bologna University Business School also offer EPAS accredited programmes. A complete list of accredited business schools: https://efmdglobal.org/accreditations/business-schools/epas/epas- accredited-programmes/

The issuer of the accreditation is the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), a non-profit organisation with 900 members from the academic, business, public and consultation sectors of 91 countries dedicated to developing business and management education. The EPAS accreditation is awarded to business and management programmes characterised by significant international reach and high quality studies. 113 programmes from 82 educational institutions have been awarded the EPAS accreditation.

The Estonian Business School (EBS) is the oldest private university in Estonia which has altogether 1500 students at Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral level who are free to expand their knowledge at 60 partner universities across the globe.