EAPL-CFA wants annulment of Lithuania's parlt election results

  • 2020-10-15
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance, part of the ruling coalition, has turned to the country's Central Electoral Commission with a request to have the results of the Seimas election in the multi-member constituent deemed null and void.

"Due to gross violations of the law, the EAPL-CFA has lodged a complaint with the CEC for the election results in the multi-member constituency to be deemed null and void," the party's leader Valdemar Tomasevski told a press conference on Thursday.

The party claims the Law on Elections to the Seimas was grossly violated due to the Laisves TV's campaign against the party's leader Tomsevski and the party.

The party believes the campaign launched by Andrius Tapinas, a TV host and public figure, was aimed at influencing voters and, thus, should have been identified as political advertising.

"Gross violations include failure to indicate advertising, failure to disclose financial sources, and there are also moments when advertising videos were distributed without any indication as political advertising, and a media outlet was used for that and it was not registered as an advertising disseminator," Tomasevski said.

Valdemar Urban, the party's representative at the CEC, said "any information aimed at campaigning for a specific subject of a political campaign or against a subject of a political campaign is considered to be political adverting".

"Non-indicated political advertising is considered hidden political advertising. And the laws on political campaign funding clearly say that any advertising as part of a political campaign should be clearly indicated and transparently registered pursuant to the law for funding of that campaign to be visible," Urban said.

The CEC can deem election results null and void if it determines that gross violations of the election law had major impact on election results.

The EAPL-CFA failed to cross the 5-percent Seimas election threshold last Sunday, having received 4.82 percent of votes. Just two party representatives were elected into the parliament during the first round of voting in single-member constituencies and another two party candidates got into the runoff.