Due to the war, activities of Russian special services in Latvia could decrease - director of Constitutional Protection Bureau

  • 2022-03-31
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Taking into account Russia's attention in Ukraine and the restrictions set against Russia, the activities of the country's special services in Latvia could partially decrease, however, the neighboring country can quickly adapt to the new situation, Egils Zviedris, director of the Constitutional Protection Bureau (SAB), admitted in a discussion with the Delfi news portal.

Asked whether the iron curtain forming around Russia could reduce the activities of Russia's special services, Zviedris replied that the question could be answered in the affirmative. Russia's traditional instruments of influence are the active measures of special services, using their agents of influence, to discredit and other methods.

"At the moment, the Russians themselves, in response to the sanctions and reaction of the Western countries, have limited themselves. Therefore, to some extent, these activities may have somewhat stopped," Zviedris pointed out.

Speaking about the possible risks that Russia will affect the forthcoming Saeima elections in the autumn, Zviedris once again reminded that the war in Ukraine has to some extent stopped Russia's activities in this area. At the same time, Zviedris warned that Russia was adjusting very quickly, and he was convinced that some effective methods would be found in a very short time.

The situation and attitudes of both the public and the potential influencers have changed, and "any movement that dissonates with the public mood will be sufficiently visible and the public, based on experience and information, will see quickly enough what is what ".