Disruptive geospatial advertising platform Roibox raises €2M from BlackSheep

  • 2022-06-16

Roibox is a unique SaaS platform aimed at improving campaign performance by connecting top advertising platforms with geospatial data analytics. This innovative approach allows brands to automatically identify and solve numerous previously unfixable mismatches in campaigns, by analyzing performance data and targeted territories based on geography.

After several years of managing and growing a fintech business, the Roibox team understood the huge relevance of the variable “where” in their advertising campaigns: where is my target supposed to live? where are my campaigns targeted? where are my actual clients? They build Roibox platform with the precise purpose to address those questions, using CRM data, campaign data, and socio-economic data. The platform then creates a unique multi-layer map (the Grid™) that is then applied directly to the campaign management platform (Meta, Google Ads, etc.), fixing a number of embedded location issues of a standard campaign. Roibox identifies missed opportunities, budget waste, useless bids, and many more optimization tricks, and applies them directly to the campaign, improving performance by up to 30%.

Jekabs Endzins, co-founder and CEO of Roibox said “Most marketing tools use the same data from Google and Meta while ignoring the most impactful dataset: location. We built Roibox to use geographical location's hidden potential and to help advertisers analyze, segment, and target audiences better than ever before. Our solution helps brands not only in the lower part of the marketing funnel (performance) but in the awareness and consideration parts as well”.

Sandro Moretti, Co-founder and Managing Partner of MadTech fund BlackSheep commented on their decision to back Roibox: “we were amazed by the platform’s performance on the ad accounts we tested it. Roibox identifies and automatically fixes all the geographically related issues a campaign use to experience, providing a terrific uplift in campaign KPI. Unlike all other geo-marketing offline solutions, Roibox is directly plugged into the ad accounts, and this is a real key competitive advantage. We’re backing an experienced and consolidated team to further develop the product and its go to market”.

About Roibox

Roibox is a SaaS platform focused on location data. Its unique solution allows brands to create a geo-diagnostic survey of their marketing funnel, and directly fix all the mismatches found, improving the advertising campaign performance by up to 30% and saving the marketing team time. The core of the platform is its Grid Technology™, which holds 100 thousand data points per square kilometer, using 1st party data, campaign data, and socio-economic data, and is directly plugged onto the advertising platforms (Google Ads, Meta, etc). You can find more information via: https://www.roibox.com/ 

About BlackSheep Ventures

BlackSheep Ventures is the first European Venture Capital firm specializing in MadTech: marketing and advertising technology powered by AI, Big Data, and Automation. BlackSheep wants to provide a competent investment solution in an area that will strongly benefit from the advanced rules platform provided by the EU for the entire industry. BlackSheep is founded and guided by Digital Ecosystem innovators, serial entrepreneurs, and managers of the marketing industry. You can find more information via: https://blacksheep.ventures/