Digital Freedom Festival Announces First Conference Speakers and Media Accreditation

  • 2018-10-20
  • TBT Staff

RIGA – The global technology, startup, policy and lifestyle Digital Freedom Festival announces the first conference speakers, and invites media to apply for accreditation. The festival will be held on November 30th and December 1st in Riga, Latvia. The conference will host influential and motivational speakers from all over the world, including Yesica Aguilera (ES), who was named a “tech & Energy” industry disruptor and one of the Top 200 Leaders of Tomorrow Globally; Jamie Susskind (UK), author and passionate speaker about technology and politics; Hal Hodson (UK), Technology Correspondent at The Economist; Kristina Roth (USA), owner of SuperShe Island in the Baltic Sea, where women from around the world gather to create change and achieve the impossible.

Digital Freedom Festival Co-Founder Dagnija Lejina: “The Digital Freedom Festival continues to serve its purpose - serving as a meeting platform for great minds from all over the world - shaping, influencing and challenging the future of digital technologies, and discussing how we can all benefit. This year promises to be even more provocative. With a focus on the synergy between machine and human, the festival will challenge the ways in which digital technologies are enabling people to work and live with greater freedom. With inspiring keynotes and practical workshops, there will be take-away for everyone - from policymakers and business, to new entrepreneurs and students.”

Yesica Aguilera - at the age of 24 was the Co-founder of Tespack – a smart technology company, that has raised more than €2.6M and concentrates on mobile energy solutions. The solutions are currently used by the UN and various government entities. Her company has won more than 30+ international awards.

Jamie Susskind - Author of “Future Politics: Living Together in a World Transformed by Tech” (Oxford University Press, 2018). The book confronts the question of how digital technology will transform politics and society. Writes and speaks about the future of power, freedom, justice, and democracy. Passionate about politics and technology from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain, Robotics, and Virtual Reality.

Hal Hodson - Technology Correspondent at The Economist. Interested in internet policy and economics, robotics, artificial intelligence, infrastructure and biotechnology. Works on stories about technologies that shape our lives, the systems that control them, and the people who find themselves in the yoke.

Kristina Roth - landed her business on the Forbes list of “Fastest Growing Women-Owned Businesses”. Her new mission – bring together women from around the world and to transform dated ideas of networking.

More conference speakers:

The main topic at the Digital Freedom Festival will centre around Human&Machine, and will include lectures and discussions about artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, smart cities and digital detox. The conference will gather more than 1500 technology and startup entrepreneurs, experts, policymakers, investors and motivational speakers from around the world.

In cooperation with the most influential accelerators in the world - 500 Startups (USA) and Rockstart (Netherlands), investors attending the festival will search for Europe's best startups. Startups will also have the opportunity to participate in the conference Expo and present their idea to the most influential investors in the world, to media and other festival attendees.

The Digital Freedom Festival also invites media to apply for accreditation. The application form is available here: