Culture Ministry fires Ethnographic Open-Air Museum Director Millersone

  • 2020-04-29
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Culture Ministry has terminated the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum Director Ilze Millersone's employment contract due to violations of the law on Millersone's part, the Culture Ministry's Public Relations Department head Lita Kokale informed LETA.

The Culture Ministry took the decision following inspections carried out at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum that were presented to the Latvian Museums' Council.

According to Kokale, the inspections performed at the museum found that Millersone had not developed an effective internal control system to ensure compliance with legal requirements, and, after informed thereof, took no action to rectify the violations.

Inspections at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum concluded that the museum had signed contracts with two security companies while only one security company should have been hired.

Millersone did not ensure that museum staff members' salaries increase from January 1 this year, even though the museum had been allotted the required funding.

Furthermore, the museum has not drawn up a plan for this year, neither has it filed its 2019 report, roofs of historical buildings at the museum were not restored last year - contrary to the plan, and the museum has no strategy for renovation of several buildings that are in critical condition.

According to the Culture Ministry, Millersone has violated requirements of the Public Procurement Law, Law on Prevention of Squandering of the Financial Resources and Property of a Public Person, Law on Archives, and neglected her duties laid down in the State Administration Structure Law.