Cooperation among Baltic states on Rail Baltica project keeps improving - RB Rail

  • 2020-01-13
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Cooperation among the Baltic states on implementation of the Rail Baltica project keeps improving, said Agnis Driksna, interim CEO of RB Rail, a company that has been set up to implement the Rail Baltica project in Latvia.

He told LETA that compromises are needed because each of the countries has its own mentality, priorities, views.

"It is important that local interest do not influence implementation of the project in general because without achieving global targets, the local interests will not be met," said Driksna.

Asked about current cooperation among the Baltic states, Driksna said that it is quite successful.

"We could speak about delays in the beginning. Now with every new stage the cooperation is improving, people have started working, the European Commission is supporting the project," he said, adding that also the Baltic prime ministers have stepped up and resolved to do everything possible in order to solve the problem issues.

He also said that Poland is taking active part in the project.

Asked about Finland, he said that Finland did not join the project as a shareholder, but it has maintained its engagement in the project. "It is also logical because Finland so far is indirectly influenced by the project. In a long term this corridor will develop, it has a huge potential, therefore the Finns are still interested. We will continue work," said Driksna.

Rail Baltica is a double track, European standard 1,435 mm gauge electrified railway for passenger and freight transport to be built from Tallinn to the Lithuanian-Polish border. The overall length of the railway will be 870 kilometers.