Coalition urges to revoke residence permits for public glorification of crimes against humanity or war

  • 2022-03-03
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The government coalition is urging to revoke Latvian residence permits for public glorification of crimes against humanity and war, Silvija Reinberga, a representative of New Unity party, informed LETA. 

Saeima member Janis Dombrava (National Alliance) said on Twitter that the proposed amendments to the Immigration Law were signed by by lawmakers Andrejs Judins (New Unity), Ainars Latkovskis (New Unity), Dombrava, Krisjanis Feldmans (Conservatives) and Juris Puce (Development/For).

According to New  Unity representatives, Judins and cooperation partners submitted the proposal that would allow revoking temporary and permanent residence permits of foreigners that have publicly extolled, denied or justified crimes against humanity or war.

Dombrava indicated that the proposed amendments also provide for revoking residence permits of foreigners posing threats to national security. 

Judins said that the legislative proposal expands the Immigration Law's provisions on revocation of residence permits. "Glorification of war crimes and aggression or their justification are absolutely unacceptable," Judins said, adding that revocation of residence permits will be possible at the recommendation of relevant authorities.