Claims for Personal Injury Compensation Stop Recurring Accidents Worldwide

  • 2023-02-24

There is an oft-overlooked factor behind claiming compensation because of a personal injury. Yes, the claimant does expect renumeration for their injuries. Yes, they do need compensation for the medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering that these accidents may cause. On the other hand, holding those responsible for the accident accountable for their actions can prevent that entity from repeating their mistake in future. Personal injury claims are not just about the money, they are also our primary tool to prevent similar accidents in the future.

The Scale of Global Personal Injury Accidents

To substantiate the impact personal injury compensation claims can possibly have on the global population, data collection from international sources can help prove the point. Working closely with Lamber Goodnow, one of the leading personal injury attorneys in the US, it is possible to deduce that impact based on types of personal injury. 

According to the International Labour Organization, around 2.3 million men and women are impacted by work related injuries each year. There are 340 million accidents in the workplace, of which 6,000 people die in wrongful workplace deaths every single day. However, personal injuries do noy just happen in the workplace. They can happen in the street, in public places, or on another person’s property.

The World Health Organization note that personal injuries, both which include violence and those which do not, are responsible for 4.4 million global deaths per year. This makes up a full 8% of all deaths. If you are under the age of thirty, 3/5 of the top causes of death are accident and injury related. 

Which Types of Accidents Are Common?

There are many different types of accident, all which come with different levels of severity. The most severe of these result in loss of life, permanent injuries, amputations, and brain injuries. These are the most common ways that these accidents occur on a global basis:

- Car accidents make up a large portion of injuries, representing 1 in 3 of all accidents. 

- Homicides and suicides represent the violent deaths by accident or injury.

- Drowning is one of the leading causes of death

- Trips and falls.

- Falling from height or objects falling from height.

- Product liability injuries.

- Medical malpractice and medical negligence.

- Brain injuries

- Amputations

As you can see, there are many ways an accident can leave you with long term injuries. But how does the risk of injury change when a lawyer helps the client claim compensation afterwards?

Claiming Compensation After Personal Injuries Holds Perpetrators Accountable

The main theory behind compensation claims changing the injury statistics lies in accountability. People will continue ot have accidents regardless of some safety precautions a company might use. However, with each accident that happens, those companies ought to be changing their safety policies to account for the potential that there is a repeat accident, and they need to pay millions in compensation a second time around. 

This accountability forces companies, organisations, charities, and private owners alike into taking the security measures they ought to have taken to begin with. It is these measures which reduce the number of accidents next time round. Claiming compensation after an accident isn’t just about protecting your own financial interests. It is your moral obligation to protect the people who come after you.