City of Tallinn distributing free masks again

  • 2021-08-09
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - From this week, the district administrations of Tallinn will distribute free medical masks to families with many children, single parents, senior citizens and people receiving income-dependent benefits.

Betina Beskina, deputy mayor of Tallinn, noted that deceleration of the spread of the third COVID-19 wave depends on each of us.

"Wearing a mask is the primary method of protecting both ourselves and others. As summer holidays are coming to an end and the school year is about to begin, more and more people move around in public space, which is why it is sensible to wear a mask in all crowded places and not only in public transport where it is mandatory," Beskina said.

Families with three and more children are given two packs of medical masks, each pack containing 50 masks. Single parents, people receiving income-related benefits and senior citizens will be provided with one pack of medical masks. 

Masks are handed out in district administrations. When going to collect the masks, people are asked to bring an identity document and senior citizens are asked to present the pension certificate. Complying with all health and safety instructions is also required on site and in case of illness, people are asked to stay home.

More detailed information on the distribution of masks can be obtained via the district administrations' helplines, as well as on the city districts' websites and social media channels.

The City of Tallinn has been distributing free masks to its citizens since the autumn of last year. Reusable fabric masks were given to all high school and middle school students, and medical masks were handed out to senior citizens living alone and large families. In the spring, medical masks were also distributed to families with three or more children, single parents, and all pensioners. Residents of apartment buildings that had a high infection rate also received free masks.

In total, several million masks have already been handed out to Tallinn residents.