Citrus Solutions and UPB submit their bids for construction of new Liepaja Prison

  • 2022-02-18
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Citrus Solutions and UPB have submitted their bids for construction of a new prison in Liepaja, LETA learned from the Justice Ministry.

According to the ministry, the Liepaja Prison Construction Procurement Commission has received initial bids and is continuing the tender procedure to select the most economically advantageous bid.

As reported, the design and build method will be employed in construction of Liepaja Prison, where the construction design, supervision and construction works will all be combined in one procurement.

Construction of the new Liepaja Prison complex is to be completed within 34 months after a contract is signed with the winning bidder. Pursuant to the government's decision of November 2, 2021, the Justice Ministry may, if necessary, extend the term of Liepaja Prison design and construction to December 31, 2025.

So far, the area where Liepaja Prison will be built has been cleared of trees and other work has been done to prepare the construction site.

At present, there are nine prisons in Latvia, of which six have been built more than 18 years ago, and none of the buildings were originally constructed as prisons but were later adapted for these purposes. The prison buildings and their infrastructure have become outdated and dilapidated.

The new Liepaja Prison will introduce a new penitentiary system to improve the process of inmates' resocialization. The Justice Ministry estimates that the total cost of the project will not exceed EUR 146,898,298, which is the amount the Cabinet of Ministers has earmarked for Liepaja Prison construction project.

According to, Citrus Solutions was established in 2005, the company's share capital is EUR 5,070,999. The company posted EUR 23.7 million in turnover and approximately EUR 1 million in profit. Citrus Solutions is part of Tet Group.

UPB was established in 1991, the company's share capital is EUR 15,720,304. The company's turnover in 2020 amounted to EUR 237 million and profit to EUR 13.3 million. UPB's beneficial owners include Uldis Pilens, Maris Mors and Madara More.