Circle K and Boost Yourself take an important step in promoting Estonians healthy living

  • 2018-06-13

Circle K, the largest chain of service stations in Estonia, has begun cooperation with Boost Yourself, a smoothie manufacturer from Estonian island Saaremaa. As of yesterday, Circle K is offering healthy smoothies that are made on site and enriched with Boost Yourself superfood mixes.

The food-to-go phenomenon is a growing trend in Estonia. Circle K and Boost Yourself have joined forces to support healthy choices for people having meals on the go.

"Estonians really do consume more and more on the road and this has created the need to widen the range of products. We are happy to help our home country veer more towards healthy habits and also meet the needs of the health-conscious customer," says Kristi Koger, Product Manager at Circle K.

In order to raise awareness about choices in food, it’s important to bring healthy options closer to people. "Boost Yourself was established due to the health issues caused by poor meal choices that both my business partner, Sven Nuumi, and I had. Within the three years Boost Yourself has been in business, we have placed strong emphasis on raising awareness about eating healthy and on making superfoods available. In cooperation with Circle K, we will bring people closer to ready-made smoothies enriched with superfoods. So, no-one will have to compromise their healthy lifestyle when on the road," says the co-founder of Boost Yourself and a board member of Estonian E-Commerce Association, Teet Torim.

There will be four Boost Yourself tastes available in Circle K – Detox, Balance, Energy and Superfood Protein (Hemp-Chia).

"All the smoothies are prepared with Boost Yourself recipes that have been put together in cooperation with our nutritionist and that our clients have approved," says Torim. “Boost Yourself superfood mixes contain no added sweeteners or preservatives. Superfood mixes fill the smoothie with natural vitamins and minerals.”

Healthy smoothies are made on site and enriched with Boost Yourself superfood mixes. "We hope the smoothies will be well received by customers and we can expand our concept to other larger stations as well," says Kristi Koger.

Smoothies are available in Peetri, Jüri, Laagri, Adavere, Märjamaa, Urge, Keila, Pärnu Papiniidu, Tartu Turu and Tallinn Song Festival Grounds Circle K service stations as well as Balti Jaam convenience store.

Boost Yourself is a company that is based on Estonian capital and located in Saaremaa. Our mission is to make healthy eating easy and available. Our products include vitamin filled superfood mixes and vegan protein mixes that are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. In 3 years, over one million smoothies have been boosted. The mixes are available in retail stores such as Selver, Coop and Tartu Kaubamaja. In addition to Circle K, smoothies enriched with superfoods can also be found in Blender cafes. Boost Yourself employs 11 people with telecommuting and is active on the board of the Estonian E-Commerce Association.

Circle K Eesti AS is one of the biggest retail sellers of motor fuel in Estonia and owns and operates 59 full service and 17 automatic stations and one convenience store. The company employs nearly 700 people, most of whom work in service stations. In the Reputation Survey of Large Enterprises conducted by Kantar Emor in 2017, Circle K was seen as the company with the best reputation in Estonia. Circle K Eesti AS is a part of an international group of Canadian origin Alimentation Couche-Tard that employs over 125,000 people and operates under the Circle K brand in North America, Europe and Asia with over 16,000 convenience stores and service stations.