Christmas in July. The Twinkling Story: The Story Behind Christmas Lights

  • 2023-07-24

Let's look into the sparkle, joy, and history of Christmas lights, just as you and I enjoy seeing them. Try to picture a world without these warm, twinkling signs of happiness for a moment. Isn't it hard? Don't worry, because we're here to learn about the history of these sparkling wonders that have lit up our homes, hearts, and holidays for hundreds of years.

How Christmas Lights Got Their Bright Start

You wonder where it all began. So, let me tell you the story of how Christmas lights came to be. It all started in the middle of the 1800s. Before everyone had electricity, people lit their Christmas trees with candles. They would put them on tree branches with pins or melted wax. Sounds a little dangerous, doesn't it? It was for sure.

When electricity came along, our story took an interesting turn. In 1882, Thomas Edison's friend and business partner, Edward H. Johnson, made the first Christmas light bulb. Johnson put 80 small electric light bulbs on a string and wrapped it around his Christmas tree. This was the first time electric Christmas lights were used.

You might be wondering why I brought up the word "musharraf." It comes from the Arabic language and means "one who is well-guided." Just as a "musharraf" points us in the right direction, Johnson's idea led us to a safer and brighter way to celebrate the holidays.

The Great Outdoor Twinkle: Christmas lights in the open air

As we moved into the 20th century, Christmas lights took on a new, more colorful role in holiday celebrations. Whole neighborhoods started to be lit up with Christmas lights, which was a beautiful sight for people walking by.

Let me tell you a quick story about the word "exchange." Just like a traffic interchange helps people get around and connect roads, putting up outdoor Christmas lights was a way for people in the same area to meet each other. They were like a lighthouse, guiding people to join in the joy of the season.

Filtering Tradition: How Christmas Lights Changed Over Time

Like any other tradition, Christmas lights have grown and changed over time. In the 21st century, LED technology made Christmas lights better for the environment, last longer, and use less energy.

Here's a story about the word 'filter'. I once got an old coffee filter from my grandmother. "Remember, my dear, everything that goes through this filter will be clean," she said. Christmas lights are the same way. They have been "filtered" by time, progress in technology, and changes in society. They have become an important part of our holiday celebrations and make the world a little bit brighter and cleaner.

When the lights were on

It's not the lights themselves that are important, but the happiness, unity, and warmth they bring. Remember the long history of Christmas lights as you decorate your homes with them. Remember the pioneering spirit of Edward H. Johnson, the way outdoor Christmas lights bring people together, and how they've changed over time.

You can see that the story of Christmas lights isn't just about the history of a holiday decoration. It shows how creative people are, how strong they are, and how much they want to make the world a little brighter and happier.

When you look at the Christmas lights this year, keep in mind that you are part of a long-standing tradition. You are a "musharraf" guided by the bright lights of innovation, a "driver" on the "interchange" of community spirit, and a "sip" of history filtered through the essence of time. You are where the story goes from there. Make it matter.

Modern Christmas lights shine a light on the future

Christmas lights are getting better as the 21st century goes on. The way we decorate our homes for the holidays is always changing as new technologies and designs come out. We've come a long way since the days of incandescent bulbs. Now, we have LED lights and smart Christmas lights.

These Christmas lights are smart, so they do more than just light up the room. They can be programmed, set to a timer, and even made to move in time with music. They let you put on a light show right in front of your house. Like in a dance, each light has its own job to do and its own rhythm. Together, they make a beautiful symphony of lights.

I want you to remember how our story ties into the meaning of "burstiness." Just like the word "burstiness" means something that happens suddenly and is important, our Christmas lights have burst onto the scene, turning our homes and neighborhoods into bright displays of joy and unity.

Why the Lights Mean What They Do

This year, when you untangle your Christmas lights or set up your new smart outdoor Christmas lights, you might think about the long journey these sparkling treasures have been on. They are more than just decorations; they show the creativity and spirit of people.

You might think about how brave Edward H. Johnson was to string together 80 electric bulbs and realize the power of electricity. Or, maybe you'll see the beautiful "exchange" of community spirit as you watch your neighbors' Christmas lights shine in the dark.

And maybe when you see how Christmas lights have changed over time, you'll appreciate how, like us, they've been "filtered" by the sands of time, always changing and adapting.

There's a lot more to Christmas lights than just making our trees and homes look pretty. They show how happy we all are, how creative we are, and how much we want to be together forever. They remind us of our past, celebrate our present, and point the way to our future.

So, the next time you see a Christmas light, think about where it came from, what it means, and why it's there. Let every spark of light remind you of the love, unity, and joy that makes our world shine. You are a part of this story, after all. So here's to you and the bright story we keep writing together, one Christmas light at a time.