Cert.lv reports increased number of cyber attacks in Latvia

  • 2022-02-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Information Technology Security Incidence Response Institution Cert.lv has observed an increased number of cyber attacks in Latvia, several of which have been successful, although they have not left a serious impact, Cert.lv head Baiba Kaskina told LETA. 

Kaskina indicated that the recent cyber attacks have had various forms - there have been increased attempts to find weak sports in Latvia's IT systems, as well as some incidents  that have suggested of a neighbor country's influence. 

"A number of Ukraine related organizations are based in Latvia, and there is a high risk that targeted attacks will continue, including against such organizations. Considering the current situation and media reports, the number of attacks is likely to keep growing," Kaskina said. 

At the same time, Kaskina voiced confidence that Cert.lv is prepared to deal with the growing number of cyber attacks and to involve around 100 cyber defense specialists from the Latvian Home Guard in protecting Latvia's IT systems. 

"Latvia is not the main target of the cyber attacks, but we must bear in mind that they are being stepped up. People must stay on alert and watch out for fake news about hostilities in Ukraine that can lead to infected websites," Kaskina warned. 

To take care of security and ensure additional protection, people are advised to use two-factor authentication wherever possible to access social networks, email and other  online resources. Government institutions, meanwhile, have to get ready for work amid increased threats of cyber attacks. Authorities must watch for indications of such threats to detect  and prevent them as soon as possible.

Cert.lv is a structural unit of the University of Latvia's Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, responsible to the Ministry of Defense. The mission of Cert.lv is to promote information technology security in Latvia.