Capital Mill expanded AI-based energy management in its real estate portfolio

  • 2022-11-28

The expansion of the cooperation between Capital Mill, the leading real estate developer in the Baltic States, and R8 Technologies, a technology company, enables the management of various objects in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania at a new green level with the help of artificial intelligence-based energy management, bringing with it significant energy savings.

‘We have been enjoying the smart and environmentally friendly solutions offered by the R8 Digital Operator in the Skyon office building with our tenants for more than a year. Pursuant to the new cooperation agreement, we will further expand the use of R8 artificial intelligence in our real estate portfolio and bring three objects in Estonia, two in Lithuania, and one in Latvia to a new green level,’ said Kaarel Loigu, CEO of Capital Mill.

According to Kaarel Loigu, Capital Mill is currently using the R8 digital operator to manage a total of approximately 38,000 square metres of rental space on four sites.

‘The R8 energy management technology, which can be quickly implemented in every commercial building, improves the indoor climate of buildings and helps to save on energy costs,’ said Siim Täkker, CEO of R8 Technologies. ‘It is a digital operator whose experience grows as a result of continuous development activities of top scientists. It not only collects various data, but uses it for smart energy management of the building around the clock, providing a tool to meet increasingly strict green requirements.’

Siim Täkker added that the Capital Mill buildings are technically advanced, making it easy to interface the R8 Digital Operator working on the basis of artificial intelligence. In this way, the energy management tool offers the greatest effect to both the building manager and the tenants.

Capital Mill is a company established in 2008, which is focused on investment in commercial buildings located in the Baltic States. Its current portfolio reaches 500 million euros. The founders and partners of the company are a team with long-term real estate and banking experience. Capital Mill manages a number of highly regarded commercial buildings in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. 

R8 Technologies is a technology company which is focused on the energy and real estate sectors. R8 Technologies has created intelligent energy management software for buildings, which is easy to use, quick to install, and does not require additional investments. The R8 Digital Operator is an artificial intelligence that controls the technical systems of modern commercial buildings, keeping in mind three main parameters – better indoor climate, higher energy efficiency, and longevity of technical systems. The average energy saving achieved by the R8 Digital Operator is more than 20%.