Can I Buy De-Fi Coins In 2022?

  • 2022-09-14

It is anticipated that DeFi Coin (DEFC) would have one of the strongest performances of all digital currencies. In essence, this cryptocurrency asset serves as the beating heart of the recently introduced Defi Swap ecosystem, which gives users the opportunity to earn a desirable interest rate across a wide variety of tokens.

This decentralised platform also enables the quick conversion from one token to the next without the need for a third party to be involved in the transaction.

How To Find The Best DeFi Coins

When choosing which DeFi Coins to invest in it is imperative that you choose the one that makes the most sense for you and your investment needs and desires. Most investors seek Defi Coins listed by Inside BTC along with reliable information from such a source to find their perfect DeFi coin match. 

We will also be guiding you through some factors that are vital to look out for when choosing your DeFi coin to ensure that you make the right choice!

Use Cases

On our list of the top cryptocurrencies for decentralised finance, you'll find coins that pertain to a wide variety of decentralised finance sectors and elements. These include lending, DEXes, commodities, derivatives, scalability, and one-of-a-kind standalone projects such as decentralised lotteries.

Don't go "all in '' on one coin you see as a "hidden gem" or become monogamous with your bags – set a stop loss on each and every position. As DeFi continues to expand in 2022, all coins should see an increase in value during a DeFi bull market. 

However, hedging your bets and investing in DeFi coins that have a variety of use cases as well as applications can reduce the amount of risk you are exposed to.

Application Software for Defi

In this article, we concentrated the majority of our attention on coins that are especially connected to DeFi and are also components of DeFi protocols. To some extent, however, all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, can be categorised as decentralised financial systems. 

This is due to the fact that cryptocurrencies serve as an alternative to traditional centralised financial systems, such as fiat money, national banks, the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking and governments.

Tokens such as MANA, which allow you to trade in the Decentraland MetaVerse & acquire NFTs, are included on several other online lists of the finest DeFi coins to buy. These lists may be found on various websites.

NFTs are a different developing asset class in addition to cryptocurrencies and DeFi, but they are also related to decentralisation in the notion of digitising the ownership of resources and reducing fraud. 

These concepts are closely related. As the MetaVerse is now a type of virtual reality world, it's possible to think of MANA and other MetaVerse coins as a means of decentralising games.

Possibility of Further Development

Since none of these DeFi coins have yet cracked into the top twenty crypto assets in terms of their market cap – Uniswap is the one that comes the closest – they have the potential to grow and 'flip' assets that are ranked higher than them in market cap. 

This is especially true for meme tokens that have little use case apart from speculation, such as DOGE and SHIB, which are both ranked in the top 15.

Previous Efforts and Results

The most valuable Defi coins, all of which we evaluated, have all historically generated a good return on investment (ROI), despite the fact that they are now trading at a discount. 

Some currencies, like SUSHI, DYDX, and LBLOCK in 2020, 2021, and 2022, were not only the greatest DeFi coins but also the best crypto coins to buy for huge returns at one point. This was the case in each of those years.

The performance of an asset in the past is not always an indication of how well it will perform in the future; however, if you include several of these in your portfolio and some of them do revisit their previous ATH in the next bull run and enter price discovery, you will have made a profitable investment.

Passive Income

Several of the DeFi tokens that we analysed have the ability to produce passive income, which is an additional way to receive profits even during times whenever the value of the primary asset is not increasing.

For instance, CRV can be risked in order to obtain a high payout, and holders of LBLOCK receive a proportional share of the daily lotto jackpot according to the number of coins they possess. 

Affordable Price

It’s safe to say that there are many things that have contributed to the current low values of several DeFi coins as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Dollar value averaging (DCA) into the finest DeFi coins to buy must now pay off as a long-term investment once the markets have bottomed out and a new crypto bull run begins – possibly in the lead up to the 2024 Bitcoin halving. 

Although it is very difficult to schedule the exact bottom of a market, dollar cost averaging (DCA) into the best DeFi coins to buy now should pay off once the markets have bottomed out.

The Risks Of Buying DeFi Coins

DeFi coins often have a limited market cap because they are designed to fulfil a specific function on a single DeFi app or project. As a result, price swings will be erratic because purchasers have the ability to readily shift the price. 

Pumps will travel much higher than they have before, and then there is a greater chance that they will entirely retrace because they did not develop any security on the way to the top.

When you buy DeFi coins, it is more crucial than ever to keep a constant eye on the market, create profit limit orders, and ensure that stop loss orders are in place. It is also vital not to sell too prematurely when the following cryptocurrency bull run does occur; instead, scale in and out of your holdings progressively. 

This will help you manage risk and return as effectively as possible. Broaden your DeFi portfolio by investing in a wide range of different DeFi projects. 

In May 2022, the entire DeFi market cap was pulled down along with the remaining portion of the cryptocurrency market when one DeFi coin, Terra (LUNA), declined from $90 to below $2 in the space of 48 hours. This demonstrates the importance of having a diversified DeFi portfolio. 

Are DeFi Coins A Good Investment?

The question as to whether these decentralised goods can actually work has given way to the question of how they might continue to expand and scale. 

Other structural distinctions and advantages of DeFi include the provision of one-of-a-kind products, a quicker speed of innovation, higher levels of transparency and efficiency, and cheaper fees for international financial transactions.

The improvements brought about by DeFi have the potential to be adopted widely and to upset established financial systems. They also illustrate a persuasive use case regarding blockchains and cryptocurrency technology, which is something that should assist underpin market prices for these assets over time.

DeFi makes it simpler for underbanked communities to receive financial services and allows for more expedient settlements for consumers. But user involvement may also be related to longer-running trends such as digitalization, globalisation, and waning faith in centralised institutions. 

Its expansion is presumably a function of yield, and speculative activity probably also plays a role. Coins issued by the DeFi Foundation are being purchased by a large number of individual billionaires and celebrities.