Biden would be more favorable president for US-Lithuanian relations – economist

  • 2020-11-05
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Leading in the US presidential race, democratic candidate Joe Biden would be a better option for the United States' economic relations with Lithuania and the European Union than Donald Trump, Swedbank's chief economist Nerijus Maciulis say.

"In fact, if Biden became US president, it would be more positive than negative news for the US-Lithuanian relations," he said during the presentation of Swedbank's economic review. "Trump has stood out with his very aggressive protectionist policy not only towards China but also towards the EU. And he has said many times that the EU is even worse than China but the EU is just smaller," the economist said.

He paid attention to the fact that Trump had many times threatened to tax EU imports, with conflicts raging on various fronts. "There've been plans to tax car more and various food products," he said.

Masiulis believes Biden, if elected, would be more moderate in terms trade and economic ties with the EU.

"The democratic candidate (Biden – BNS) is likely to be more moderate and will seek to review multinational agreements, and trade agreements in general," the economist said.