Best European countries for starting a business

  • 2019-03-13
  • Vlad Cuc

Starting a business in Europe is an attractive proposition for many investors due to the fact that many countries offer a combination of various advantages that can help entrepreneurs start and then successfully run their company. Many of the top ten countries included in the annual Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum are from the EU. In this article, we highlight some of the best European countries for starting a business.

The Netherlands

A good location in Europe and one of the most welcoming business climates in the Old Continent make the Netherlands one of the top locations for starting a business in Europe. The country is located at the heart of the continent and offers easy access to some of the most important EU capitals. The people are fluent in English and there is no shortage of highly skilled employees. Under the Dutch immigration law, foreign investors can obtain a residence permit when their proposed business complies with the requirements. Businessmen interested in immigrating and starting a business in this country can receive assistance from a reliable team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands.


Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe that are well known for their economic and political stability as well as an efficient capital market. Investors who form a Swiss company can have access to various tax incentives and benefits depending on the canton in which the business is based. Here, investors have access to excellent infrastructure, a good legal and regulatory regime and highly skilled employees.


Estonia is one of the European countries that have worked on creating a pro-business environment that today offers one of the most attractive research and development ecosystems in the region. The process of company incorporation in Estonia is accessible to foreign investors and key opportunities are to be found in areas like IT, software and hardware, business services, electronics, and others.

Ireland and Denmark are two other options for investors looking to start a business in Europe. Ireland is one of the countries with the lowest corporate income tax rate, of only 12.5%. Investors will also find a number of incentives in Ireland as well as a well- established research and development sector. Denmark is one of the Nordic countries where many investors find that it is easy to open a company and benefit from attractive business policies. Investors who open a company in Denmark can then expand their business to other EU countries by opening a branch in the Netherlands, for example. Many European countries present important advantages for doing business and investors can explore the opportunities offered in these jurisdictions as well as others.