Bercman Technologies, an Estonian technology company, begins the production of electric vehicle DC fast chargers

  • 2024-06-18

Nasdaq Baltic First North-listed Estonian technology company Bercman Technologies has announced the registration of a wholly owned new subsidiary, Bercman Energy. The core business of the newly established subsidiary is the production, and sale of fast chargers for electric vehicles.  

Mart Suurkask, the CEO of Bercman, commented on the news, stating that the production and sale of fast chargers for electric vehicles represents a strategic expansion into one of the world's fastest-growing business sectors. "This new business direction is very logically connected to our previous activities. We have been engaged in smart infrastructure solutions for over seven years and possess more than a decade of engineering experience in product development within our group," added Suurkask. 

The company's leader Suurkask highlighted the strong market demand for a quality charging network, emphasising a focus on producing high-performance fast chargers. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association’s latest statistics* from the fourth quarter of 2023, only about 14% of the chargers in the European Union are fast chargers.

The DC fast chargers developed by Bercman Energy will range in charging capacities from 50 to 400 kW, allowing the more powerful chargers to charge an average electric vehicle's battery in about a quarter of an hour, according to Suurkask. 

Development work on the fast chargers has been ongoing since 2023, and the company plans to deliver the first products to customers by the end of September. Bercman Energy will begin production of the chargers in Estonia but, to meet the rapidly growing market demand, an initial agreement has already been confirmed with an international partner experienced in electronics manufacturing. 

Developing and expanding the charging infrastructure is crucial to supporting the wider adoption of electric vehicles and ensuring convenient and efficient charging options for everyone. The company is also seeking investments from external investors to accelerate the market introduction of the fast chargers. "Thanks to strategic investments and cooperation with excellent partners, we will soon be able to offer efficient charging solutions to both current and future electric vehicle users," said Suurkask. 

The electric vehicle fast charger is not the first in-house product in Bercman's portfolio. Bercman’s proprietary product lineup includes the Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk solution, exported and installed in eight countries worldwide. 

Bercman Technologies, founded in 2016, is an Estonian technology company offering development services, proprietary products, and delivery of comprehensive technology solutions. The Bercman group includes the parent company Bercman Technologies and its subsidiary Krakul, a leading Estonian IoT and autonomous platform development company. 

*Source: ACEA: Around one out of every eight EU public chargers is a fast charger