Belarus has become a base for the restoration of Russian military equipment - Slaidins

  • 2023-01-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Belarus has become a base for the restoration of Russian military equipment, Major Janis Slaidins told TV3 this morning.

He explained that now that the fighting has moved towards Soledar, it should be understood that there are two highways in this area, which are not only the main supply routes for the Ukrainian army, but also a direct route to Russia's target cities. Russia's goal is to take control of these roads, because if the front breaks for the Ukrainians there, the Russians will be in the operational space and can continue the attack. "This is nothing new for Ukraine, they are used to defending themselves and have evaluated all possible threats, also concentrating sufficient defense force," said Slaidins.

The expert emphasized that Ukraine must hold the front in order to be able to proceed with the liberation of its lands. Meanwhile, Russia will certainly exert pressure, as President Vladimir Putin has to show that the mobilized have made some contribution on the battlefield. Despite Russia's problems, it can be seen that the opponent is strong and the mobilized have managed to rescue the front in the Kharkiv region, Slaidins added.

He does not rule out the possibility that Russia may succeed in implementing the plan for the mobilization of half a million people, as Russia's mobilizable resource is about two million. "If Russia mobilizes half a million more people and trains them, as well as arms them, then it will be a real force. Although it should be taken into account that Russia has problems with combat equipment, but the "king is not yet naked" and Russia still has enough military resources, " said Slaidins.

Also, the Wagner group has not been too poorly led on the battlefield - it has managed effectively enough and some success has been achieved at Bakhmut. In addition, rested, re-armed Russian units are now stationed near Soledar, indicating that the Russians are paying a lot of attention to the Bakhmut-Soledar area.

Slaidins predicted that the Ukrainians could now make do with existing military resources to defend their territories, but work must be done to build up strategic resources to go on the offensive later. Ukrainians are also expecting another major Russian attack. Slaidins believes that the Russians will attack, as evidenced by the formed units, further mobilization, and the forming of reserves.

Russia may be having problems with its missile stockpile, but a strong emphasis is placed on refurbishing combat equipment that may be in a decommissioned state. From the far east, echelons are arriving in the direction of Ukraine to Belarus, which has become a base where Russian equipment is being restored. This out of use equipment is being sent there and put together, said Slaidins, adding that the armed forces of Belarus are involved in this process.