Beer and Alcohol Bottles

  • 2022-06-13

Will PET bottles also work well for alcoholic beverages, such as beer? It turns out that they do and quite well. What are the advantages of such a solution? How does the production process work? Explore solutions from SMF! Have a nice read!

PET Beer Bottles – Advantages 

Few producers realise how good an alternative to glass bottles are PET bottles.  Therefore, it is worth explaining the advantages of such a solution. 

Due to their thick wall, PET bottles are hard and not flexible.  PET packaging looks very aesthetically pleasing.  PET bottles are also lightweight and therefore economical to transport.  The production of PET bottles generates fewer costs than the production of glass bottles.  PET packaging is durable, damage and abrasion resistant. 

As you can see, PET bottles have many advantages, which makes them appreciated by both producers and consumers. 

PET Bottle Production with SMF 

SMF is a manufacturer of PET bottle blow moulding machines and filling lines that has been in business for over 30 years. The SMF range of products includes modern machines that ensure efficient and trouble-free production processes. We present below the top blow molding machines for the production of bottles for various types of alcoholic beverages, including vodka, beer, whisky, gin, among others.

Optima 6 MAX

Optima 6 MAX is a modern, all-electric machine that guarantees an efficient process for producing bottles of various shapes and capacities from 1 to 3 litres.  The machine is energy-efficient (NIR lamps), has a robust construction, and Mitsubishi servo systems are in charge of the most important processes.   The machine is easy to operate and is equipped with mechanisms that make work easier, such as a central lubrication and quick mould change systems. 

HS 6000

It is a four-slot, in-line blowing machine for the production of bottles with capacities from 200 ml to 2.5 l (optionally up to 3 l). The main parameters are: high blowing pressure of 25 bar, preform transport system on specially designed pins, PLC controller with built-in memory, compact dimensions. 

Optima 8 

A state-of-the-art machine capable of producing bottles with capacities from 200 to 2000 ml. The advantages of the machine are, above all, its compact size, which saves space, energy efficiency provided by NIR lamps and components from trusted manufacturers. 

High quality PET bottles at reduced costs? With SMF it is possible.