Baltics Most Loved Game-Related Companies

  • 2022-08-26

With the increasing trend of game development companies, Estonia has become a new hub for the industry. Many young souls want to create something that is appealing both in the graphics and the story. Thanks to their efforts, the world sees the Baltics as a promising country for gaming development.

If you live around the Baltics and have some idea about what kind of game you want to create, feel free to contact the gaming development businesses located nearby. In order for you to get some preferences, here’s the list of the top 5 of them:

Baltics Most Loved Game-Related Companies

1. PlayJoy Studios

The first gaming development company known in Baltics is PlayJoy Studios. The company based in Kyiv is heavily focused on game and software development. With vast experience in programming, the employees will help you in turning your ideas into a reality. As stated on their official website, they will work really hard for each client and really focus on bringing the absolute best quality results that will be delivered in time. 

Their best practices will also be helpful in handling various clients in very different kinds of projects. 

2. Shadow Masters

The next one on the list is Shadow Masters. Shadow Masters is a game development team that consists of passionate individuals. They said it isn’t always a necessity to spend years and millions of dollars just to make a game that’s visually stunning and engaging.

They successfully proved their claims by creating their very first game, Epic Arena. The game is available on most mobile platforms, and it can also be played through Facebook. Epic Arena is free, so everyone can easily enjoy it.

3. Javelin Ltd.

The third game development company on the list is Javelin Ltd. The company offers a wide range of services ranging from simple website development to a more complex game design. Javelin has launched its game, which is an MMO. The game itself already has a large audience, and it’s available on popular social media networks.

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4. Venomite Studios

In Estonia, there’s a game developer based in Tallinn called Venomite Studios. The company has been using popular game-making tools like Unity Game Engine since 2014. Surely, they have many experiences with it. Venomite Studios even had contracts to help big game projects for popular gaming companies.

Now, they’ve become a multi-purpose company that can help clients with their own specific needs, like building a website, making a new platform for the company, or creating a new app for mobile phones.

5. K-Gaming

The last one on the list is K-Gaming, an indie studio that was first established back in 2011. Their common goal is to create a game that’s easy to learn and fun to play, especially on mobile devices. Since they supposedly make a game to be easy to play, their target group is aged 4 and up.