Baltic PMs allow possibility to conduct joint procurements to strengthen air defense capabilities

  • 2022-04-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Prime Ministers of the Baltic States allow the possibility to conduct joint procurements to strengthen the air defense capabilities of the countries, the Prime Ministers of the Baltic States pointed out after the meeting of the Baltic Council of Ministers.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas stated that the possibility of strengthening joint defense had been discussed during the meeting. She emphasized that air defense was an area where all three countries could potentially work together on joint procurements.

The Prime Minister of Latvia Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) also noted that a large project related to missile artillery is currently underway with the cooperation of the Baltic States. At the same time, in the future there is an opportunity for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to cooperate in the field of air defense.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Simonyte said that the fact that all three Baltic states have agreed to increase their defense spending shows that decision-making in this area is a common one and it is not difficult to agree on security matters.

She explained that security issues in the Baltic States should be viewed with one mind, namely, not envying each other for better technologies, but supporting each other. This should be done taking into account that this equipment is also designed to ensure the common security of the Baltic States.

"For our part, we are also ready to take joint steps to make joint purchases," said the Lithuanian prime minister, who also pointed out that buying the equipment separately would not only make the process more expensive, but would also create logistical problems. Therefore, all would benefit if such matters were addressed together in order to achieve the best possible result in the shortest possible time.

The Baltic Council of Ministers, established on June 13, 1994, is an institution for governmental cooperation between Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The Baltic Council of Ministers is charged with ensuring the continuity of cooperation at the executive level of the states. The presidency of the Baltic Council of Ministers is rotated annually among the Baltic States. In 2022, Latvia holds the presidency of the Baltic Council of Ministers and this meeting was the first of this year.