Baltic parliamentarians call for immediate European action in support of Ukraine

  • 2024-01-19
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Baltic parliamentarians demand immediate European action to ensure a complete victory for Ukraine.

As the Press Service of the Saeima informed LETA, alarmed by Russia's continued brutal attacks on Ukrainian cities and other settlements, the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly (BA) today adopted a statement of support for Ukraine until its complete victory.

In the statement, members from the parliaments of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania underline the crucial role of various forms of support - military, financial and political - in enabling Ukraine to fully regain its territories. The politicians point out that support must be continuous, sufficient, timely and far-sighted.

The BA Presidium urges members of other parliaments not to underestimate the long-term impact on stability in Europe, on the functioning of international systems and on the development of all nations that value their freedom if Ukraine is not given support in proportion with the gravity of the current situation.

The parliamentarians reaffirm the unequivocal support of the Baltic States for Ukraine's integration into Europe and the Euro-Atlantic area.

They also call on the international community to step up its sanctions policy against Russia and to find legal ways to use frozen Russian funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The parliamentarians also remind that the mistakes made a decade ago when Russia flagrantly violated international law and occupied Crimea created a sense of impunity for the aggressor, which has led to this full-scale war in Ukraine, causing immense destruction and human suffering for almost two years now.