AviaAM Leasing had a one more successful year in 2018

  • 2019-04-24
  • TBT Staff

AviaAM Leasing, one of the most efficient aircraft leasing and trading companies around the globe, earned EUR 49.3 million revenues (including net gain on sale of aircraft) and posted a record net profit of EUR 29.1 million for the year ended 31 December 2018. The net profit grew by 9% as compared to 2017 (EUR 26.8 million).

„This was a successful year for our company. We focused on our strategic path in both the development and management of complex aircraft projects from acquisition to tailored reconfiguration and leasing solutions. Our joint venture in China expanded its fleet and attracted world-leading strategic partners. This business prevalence allows us to operate even faster in the current dynamic market, therefore we anticipate even better results in 2019,“ says Tadas Goberis, Chairman & CEO at AviaAM Leasing.

Last year the company together with its joint venture, AviaAM Financial Leasing China acquired and leased 14 brand new and mid-life aircraft and completed 6 aircraft sale transactions with leases attached. The company cooperated with such airlines as Air Transat, Thomas Cook, Avion Express, Aeroflot, OK Airways and others.

Also, AviaAM Financial Leasing China, a joint venture of AviaAM Leasing and Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Company, attracted a new strategic partner – the world‘s largest insurance and finance group Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China. The current value of the joint venture’s aircraft fleet reached almost 1 billion USD.

About AviaAM Leasing

AviaAM Leasing is a global aviation holding company engaged in commercial aircraft acquisition, leasing, reconfiguration, and sales. The company specializes in mainline narrow-body and wide-body aircraft with a major focus on the EMEA, Asia-Pacific and North America markets. Companys` Joint Venture in China with Henan Civil Aviation Investment and Development Co., Ltd, opens opportunity windows for financings solutions with major banks in Asia and has recently gained a new global strategic partner – financial and insurance giant Ping An Group.

AviaAM Leasing partnership with a sister company Avia Solutions Group, which operates more than 30 subsidiaries globally, provides a unique platform to structure one-stop-shop aviation business solutions. AviaAM Leasing was ranked amongst the world’s TOP50 aircraft leasing companies according to AirFinance Journal three times in a row.