AssignmentPay Review: Prices, Features, Security, and More

  • 2023-07-14

Meta Description: Looking to find the perfect online assignment help service? If so, then you’ve likely come across AssignmentPay, one of the leading providers in this field. 

With a wide assortment of services and glowing customer reviews, they may be the answer to your needs. But is it right for you? In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at all aspects of including its pros and cons compared to other providers, and offer our final verdict on whether it would be worth signing up with them.

Overview of AssignmentPay Their Services

AssignmentPay is an online writing service designed to help students with their academic assignments and projects. Offering a wide variety of services, AssignmentPay caters to students at various education levels, from high school to Ph.D. programs. Here, we delve into the services provided by AssignmentPay to give you a better understanding of what they offer.

Essay Writing

AssignmentPay offers custom essay writing services for different types of essays, including argumentative, narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive essays. Their team of professional writers can handle various subjects and formats, ensuring that each essay is tailored to the client's specific requirements.

Research Paper Writing

Students often struggle with research papers due to their complexity and time-consuming nature. AssignmentPay can assist with researching, outlining, writing, and editing research papers across various disciplines.

Term Paper Writing

Term papers are essential for determining a student's final grade in a course. AssignmentPay's expert writers can create well-researched and structured term papers, ensuring that their clients receive high-quality work.

Coursework Writing

Coursework is an integral part of any academic program and can include essays, reports, presentations, and more. The team at AssignmentPay can help students complete their coursework on time and to a high standard.

Case Study Writing

Case studies require critical thinking and analytical skills to evaluate real-life scenarios and problems. AssignmentPay's writers are experienced in creating detailed and insightful case studies that demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject.

Dissertation and Thesis Writing

For graduate and postgraduate students, completing a dissertation or thesis can be a daunting task. AssignmentPay offers comprehensive assistance in every aspect of these projects, including topic selection, proposal writing, literature review, methodology, analysis, and conclusion.

Editing and Proofreading

In addition to writing services, AssignmentPay also offers editing and proofreading services. Their team of editors can help polish your academic papers, ensuring that they are free from grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistencies.

Presentation Creation

Presentations are a common requirement in many courses, and AssignmentPay can help create engaging PowerPoint presentations that effectively communicate your ideas and research findings.

Robert S Hicks, a creative writer, and literature researcher, says that nowadays visual materials are an indispensable part of any speech or presentation.

“Presentations also encourage engagement and interaction by allowing the incorporation of multimedia elements, capturing the audience's attention, and fostering active participation in discussions.”

Admission Essay Writing

A well-crafted admission essay can make all the difference when applying to a college or university. AssignmentPay's writers can create compelling and unique admission essays that highlight your strengths and increase your chances of being accepted into your desired institution.

Bibliography and Citation Assistance

Properly citing sources is crucial for avoiding plagiarism and ensuring the credibility of your work. AssignmentPay's team can help create accurate bibliographies and in-text citations in various citation styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.

The Safety and Security of Using AssignmentPay 

When it comes to using online academic writing services, safety and security are top concerns for students. AssignmentPay understands the importance of protecting its clients' personal information, as well as providing a secure environment for transactions. In this article, we will discuss the safety and security measures employed by AssignmentPay to ensure the protection of its users.


AssignmentPay takes privacy seriously and guarantees that all personal information provided by clients remains confidential. They have a strict privacy policy in place which ensures that client data is not shared with third parties or used for any purpose other than completing the assigned tasks.

Secure Payments

To protect financial transactions, AssignmentPay employs secure payment gateways and encrypted connections. This means that all sensitive data, such as credit card information, is encrypted and securely transmitted when making payments on the site.

Plagiarism-Free Work

AssignmentPay is committed to delivering original work that is free from plagiarism. Their team of writers is instructed to create unique content for each assignment, and they also utilize plagiarism-detection software to ensure that the work submitted to clients is 100% original.

Revisions and Refund Policy

AssignmentPay strives to provide high-quality work that meets clients' expectations. However, if a client is not satisfied with the completed assignment, the service offers free revisions within a specified time frame. Additionally, they have a clear refund policy in place, which allows clients to request a refund if the work delivered does not meet the required standards.

Professional Writers

AssignmentPay's team of writers is carefully selected based on their academic qualifications and experience in their respective fields. This ensures that the work provided to clients is of high quality and meets the necessary academic standards.

Transparent Pricing

AssignmentPay offers transparent pricing for its services, with no hidden fees or charges. Clients can easily calculate the cost of their assignments using the site's pricing calculator, ensuring they are fully aware of the price before placing an order.

Customer Support

AssignmentPay provides reliable customer support to address any concerns or issues that clients may have. Their support team is available 24/7 via email, phone, or live chat, ensuring that clients can receive assistance whenever needed.

How Much It Costs to Use AssignmentPay's Services


According to the comprehensive review of AssignmentPay, the cost of each assignment depends on several factors, including the complexity of the task, the academic level, the number of pages, and the deadline.

1. Pricing Factors:

- Academic Level: The cost of an assignment increases with the academic level, as higher-level tasks require more expertise and effort from the writers. caters to high school, undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. students, with each level having different pricing.

- Type of Assignment: Different types of assignments require varying amounts of work and research. For example, research papers and dissertations are typically more expensive than essays or coursework due to their complexity and time-consuming nature.

- Number of Pages: The price is calculated based on the number of pages required for the assignment, with one page typically consisting of 275 words.

- Deadline: The cost of an assignment increases as the deadline becomes shorter. Urgent tasks require the writers to work faster, resulting in higher prices.

2. Pricing Calculator: features a user-friendly pricing calculator on their website, allowing clients to estimate the cost of their assignment before placing an order. By inputting the necessary details, such as the type of assignment, academic level, number of pages, and deadline, clients can get an instant quote for their specific requirements.

3. Discounts and Promotions: occasionally offers discounts and promotional codes, allowing clients to save on their orders. These discounts can be found on their website or through their newsletter subscription.

4. Additional Services: While the company provides various standard services, additional features may come at an extra cost. These can include services such as a plagiarism report, a top writer, or urgent support.

FAQ for AssignmentPay

Is AssignmentPay safe and secure to use?

Yes, AssignmentPay prioritizes user privacy and security. The service guarantees the confidentiality of personal information, employs secure payment gateways for financial transactions, and ensures the delivery of plagiarism-free work.

How much does AssignmentPay charge for their services?

The cost of assignments on AssignmentPay depends on factors such as the academic level, type of assignment, number of pages, and deadline. You can use the pricing calculator on their website to get an instant quote for your specific requirements.

What if I'm not satisfied with the work provided by AssignmentPay?

If you are not satisfied with the completed assignment, AssignmentPay offers free revisions within a specified time frame. Additionally, they have a clear refund policy in place, which allows you to request a refund if the work delivered does not meet the required standards.

How does AssignmentPay ensure the originality of their work?

AssignmentPay is committed to providing unique and plagiarism-free content. Their team of writers is instructed to create original content for each assignment, and the company uses plagiarism-detection software to ensure the authenticity of the work submitted to clients.

Can I contact my writer directly during the writing process?

While direct communication with writers may not always be possible, AssignmentPay's customer support team can help facilitate communication between you and the writer to ensure that your requirements and concerns are addressed.