ASHBURN International started to provide a service of Dynamic Currency Conversion

  • 2018-08-11
  • TBT Staff

ASHBURN International , specializing in software development, POS terminal networks support and monitoring, offered a solution in the Baltic market, convenient for tourists and visiting foreign businesspersons, who want to pay by electronic payment cards.

Dynamic Currency Conversion automatically recalculates the good‘s or services’ price in the currency preferred by the cardholder. This can be the currency of the residence country or the currency of the locate country. This service has long been popular in Europe. From now on, it is also available in the Baltics — in POS terminals, serviced by ASHBURN International. Using such a payment terminal, country-visiting guests are able to choose their preferred currency and pay for various services during the trip. The project was implemented in cooperation with one of the largest Scandinavian banks operating in the Baltic.

“This decision is primarily relevant in the most visited places by foreign tourists. We are confident that the financial sector representatives will appreciate this new feature in POS terminals. Implementing dynamic currency conversion, we hope for the growth of the POS terminals market and attraction of new customers”, ASHBURN International Executive Director Žoržas Šarafanovičius commented the new service.

Speaking about the advantages of the dynamic currency conversion function, Žoržas Šarafanovičius emphasized the convenience for payers — it facilitates the finances planning and control during the trip. In addition, paying in local currency, the commission of the bank that converts is used. In this case, the client is offered a better exchange rate than VISA or MasterCard.

The new function is implemented in standalone and integrated payment terminals, so tourists can use them both in shops and restaurants.