As the First Hotel in Estonia, Hilton Tallinn Park Introduces Stigo electric scooters

  • 2018-08-30
  • TBT Staff

TALLINN - Stigo extended its network of electric scooters to the Estonian hotel landscape and started co-operating with Hilton Tallinn Park. Starting from August, the employees of the hotel as well as the guests can use electric two-wheeled vehicles for travelling.

Ardo Reinsalu, the CEO of Stigo, said that co-operation was started since the hotel wished to improve its ecological footprint. “In case of the hotel located at the city centre, there are many short and energy intensive rides that must be made.  Rides made with the Stigo electric bike can be up to 95% more energy efficient than car rides. Another big plus is that, since the bikes can be easily brought indoors, you do not have to worry about storing them or finding parking facilities for them. This makes travelling in the city very comfortable and safe for e.g. the tourist.”

Daniel Habersatter, the general manager of Hilton Tallinn Park, says that the electric scooters offer the guests an environmentally friendly way for discovering the city, thereat also making it easier for the employees to travel from one location to another. “Motorisation is a large problem in the big cities of Europe, including Tallinn. Everyday, there is more congestion. Since we value environmental sustainability, we encourage our employees and hotel guests to think in a more green way and to use more energy-efficient modes of transport.” In addition to saving the nature, the scooters provide an opportunity for looking around Tallinn. “If your stay is short, you get to see and do more. The beauty of the Kalamaja, Pirita or Kadriorg Districts is a mere bike ride away. I am glad that an Estonian company can help us with this,” added Habersatter.

Stigo is a company that has its roots in Estonia, which manufactures, rents and sells folding electric bikes that are designed and developed in Estonia. The company has distributors in 30 different countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

LHV Bank has introduced the Stigo bikes for moving between its offices, and the service has been tested by Taxify in its office at the Luther Quarter as well as Estonian energy company Eesti Energia. As the first hotel, Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel introduced Stigo electric scooters.