Artificial Intelligence – less buzzwords, more clarity

  • 2021-11-09

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term highly surrounded by many myths. From utopian futuristic films and books to dystopian scenarios for the future, the idea of ​​artificial intelligence has encouraged people‘s wildest imaginations. But how does AI really change our society? What truly lies beneath the mystical mask of AI and what does it bring to our businesses and public sector? On November 17-18, the global artificial intelligence conference AI Boost 2021 will gather global leaders and practitioners to answer these and many other questions. The five different parts of the conference will cover the full spectrum of artificial intelligence topics - from business and public sector use cases to artificial intelligence philosophy, ethics and societal impact to the most innovative examples of artificial intelligence applications and research. Registration for the upcoming virtual event is now open here.

AI – already part of businesses and workplace

Customer service delivered by chatbots, personalised marketing, advanced data analytics – just a few examples of how the AI has transformed the way companies are run and how we, the consumers, can get the services they provide. At the AI Boost 2021 conference, business leaders from Fortune 100 corporations will present how artificial intelligence can help different industries. Simultaneously, startups will untangle the most interesting questions, uncover what connects artificial intelligence and winemaking and even how AI can choose the location for your next local coffee shop.

Education and research - the basis for further innovation in AI

Not so long ago, the above-mentioned changes were not at all business-as-usual but rather novel discoveries and pure innovations, difficult to access and understand for everyone. The most recent discoveries can let us peek into what might become commonplace in the near future. Visiting the event you might just find out and have a better understanding of what the most innovative researchers in the world are working on as we speak and what kind of artificial intelligence innovation will be used in our everyday lives in the future. Scientists and practitioners will talk about the latest innovations such as connecting the human brain and computers, even the possibilities of AI starting to speak languages such as Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian.

Responsible AI – subject of debate among the world leaders

The further development of artificial intelligence often becomes not only of interest to businesses or universities but is also a highly debated topic among the world leaders. Can ethical artificial intelligence even exist? Can we agree on common rules for the development of artificial intelligence solutions? How can we ensure that such decisions do not have a negative impact on our society? Such issues and discussions have now found their place in the agenda of international organisations, such as European Commission and World Economic Forum. And you guessed it right, this will also be discussed at the conference – keynotes about global AI governance, comparisons of governments and their AI-readiness, explanations about what responsible artificial intelligence means in practice and much more will be covered at the international virtual conference.

The organizers hope that the AI ​​Boost 2021 conference, which will take place on November 17-18, will help every attendee to learn about artificial intelligence in a simple way - without demagoguing and buzzwords, but with concrete examples and thought-through future trends.

The conference will be held remotely, you can register for it at the following link -

The conference is organized by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology with the assistance of local and global AI ecosystems.

AI Boost is part of GovTech Lab Lithuania project at the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology and has received funding from European Regional Development Fund. Number and name of operational programme measure: 01.2.1-LVPA-V-842 Inogeb LT.