An Estonian start-up digitizing the construction sector opened an investment round to raise 150 000 euros

  • 2020-05-06
  • Veiko Veskimäe

Infrafly, the first Estonian start-up to create an AI-powered solution for managing and ordering heavy equipment, has opened an investment round for financers until June to raise 150,000 euros.

Infrafly is an Estonian start-up established in 2017 that offers a digital service for plant hire and ordering. It’s newest development is Infrafly OMS, a management system for plant hire orders, which enables the operator to create and fill in digital worksheets and collect signatures remotely in a simple and contact-free way, regardless of location. The entire process can be followed digitally in real time.

The objective of the opened investment round is to raise 150,000 euros for the development of the new service software and to enter foreign markets.

Veiko Veskimäe, the founder and manager of Infrafly, who is also the managing director of the road construction company Verston Ehitus, admits that the digitalisation of the construction sector is an issue currently being actively addressed across the world. “Companies need new solutions to survive in an economic slowdown and improve efficiency. For example, one of the most critical aspects of survival for small and middle-sized enterprises is constant cash flow, where the speed and frequency of invoicing plays an important role. Because of the need for digitalisation, we see great potential for Infrafly services to achieve success on foreign markets,” Veskimäe added.

Infrafly OMS has been developed primarily to improve the efficiency of companies involved in plant hire but the corona crisis has further proved the need for the new service. “People not involved in the construction sector might find it hard to believe that even today worksheets are filled in on paper on site, the paperwork is signed by hand and the signed documents are then sent back to the office by snail mail, but this is the reality. On the one hand, it is very resource intensive; on the other, this entails a real risk of virus transmission, as the paperwork is passed on from hand to hand. Digital forms do not require physical contact,” Veskimäe explained.

One of the first companies to introduce Infrafly OMS is Estonian company Kaurits OÜ, a Nordecon subsidiary that provides plant hire. Janek Uibo, management board member of Kaurits OÜ: “Our fleet of machines comprises in total approximately 40 units, which are hired out to building sites across Estonia. Managing this large fleet also means dealing with an enormous amount of paperwork for which we have been searching for a solution. The first weeks of using Infrafly OMS have shown that digital document management is easy and fast, and our employees have adopted it quickly. We hope that the new system will deliver on our expectations in the longer term.”