Almost all Covid-19 restrictions to remain in force after Easter

  • 2021-04-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Almost all Covid-19 restrictions will remain in force after April 7, according to amendments to the Cabinet Regulation on Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of Covid-19 Infection that the government approved today.

As reported, the state of emergency is in force in Latvia from November 9, 2020, until April 6.

After Easter, private events and gatherings will not be permitted. Members of two households, up to ten people in total, will be allowed to gather outside from April 7. Rallies and marches by groups of up to ten people will also be allowed starting April 7.

Wearing face masks will be mandatory in all public places, including at work. Exceptions to this rule include children under seven years old, persons with physical or mental disabilities, cultural workers during performances, professional athletes during workouts, and others.

The maximum number of public transport passengers will be limited to 50 percent of the vehicle's maximum capacity.

The current restrictions on beauty care, wellness and entertainment services will remain in force. Hair and nail salons will be allowed to continue operations.

Cultural and educational institutions will remain closed, except libraries where residents will be able to borrow books. Economic service venues, except retail outlets and beauty and nail salons, will have to ensure no less than 15 square meters per visitor, information about the maximum number of visitors will have to be displayed at entrances to economic service venues.

Public catering services will not be allowed, except providing takeout services.