Alexela Unveils New Energy Station on Via Baltica: A Fusion of Gourmet Dining, Super Charging, and Convenience Store Excellence

  • 2023-10-09

Estonian energy company Alexela proudly announces the grand opening of the Täkupoiss Energy Station, located on the Via Baltica Pärnumaa, Sauga. This innovative station sets itself apart with Estonia's most powerful 400kW electric charger and a top-tier restaurant curated by a Michelin-experienced master chef.

Alexela's largest investment to date in a service station encompasses all the features of a traditional full-service station, but Sauga's Täkupoiss also boasts a 120-kilowatt solar park, a restaurant with nearly a hundred seats, where all dishes are prepared on-site using local ingredients, and Estonia's first and the Baltic's second 400-kilowatt electric charger.

"We take immense pride in Täkupoiss, which is, in every sense, a future-forward energy hub," remarked Alexela CEO Marti Hääl. "With our 400-kilowatt charger, we're currently leading the local market, and soon Estonia will be well-covered with fast and ultra-fast electric chargers. For sustainable heavy transport, we're introducing bioCNG and bioLNG refueling capabilities also at Sauga Täkupoiss. Alexela is also Estonia's largest producer of biogas. While we're set to open our first hydrogen station in Tallinn in the fall of 2024, we're preparing to do the same here along Via Baltica in response to growing demand," Hääl added.

The nearly hundred-seat restaurant at Täkupoiss is curated by the highly acclaimed chef Dmitri Rooz, known for his Michelin experience and numerous awards. The menu, crafted under his guidance, is made entirely from scratch on-site, emphasizing the use of local ingredients.

"We draw from the seasons and what's available locally," noted Rooz. "For example, in crafting Täkupoiss' burger, we use Tori municipality's beef, mushrooms sourced from the local forest, eggs, and cottage cheese from farms in Pärnumaa. We refrain from using any semi-finished products, even making our own bread, mayonnaise, and French fries, all while striving to leave the lightest environmental footprint," Rooz added.

For children, a fenced outdoor playground and a play area within the restaurant have been established, with plans for a pet-friendly zone in the future. The spacious store features a dedicated section showcasing nearly 100 products made in Pärnu or Lääne County.

In Sauga, one can refuel with all traditional fuels and LPG autogas. The service station offers various types of electric chargers, as well as AdBlue and windshield washer fluid dispensers. The new service station concept also includes a truck parking area complete with showers, a camper van support point, and smartphone trailer rentals.

The building was designed by the architecture firm Luhse & Tuhal and constructed by Evicon Ehitus. Limehouse Design handled the interior design of the restaurant. The name Täkupoiss (Stallion, or Young Stallion) was selected through a public competition. Täkupoiss was chosen for its robust resonance and in homage to the local Tori region's horse breeding tradition.

Alexela is an Estonian green innovator that develops a sustainable network of service stations through the creation of filling up facilities for biomethane, LNG, electricity, and hydrogen already in 2024. Alexela provides its customers in Estonia, Latvia and Finland with a unique range of everyday energy products, such as electricity, natural gas, cylinder and tank gas, as well as car fuels in more than 100 service stations across Estonia. In addition, the company has 40 convenience stores in Estonia, renewable energy production and storage projects already operating and under development with a volume of nearly 1,000 MW, as well as an onshore LNG terminal in Finland. The energy group employs 480 people.