88 patients in Latvia have recovered from Covid-19

  • 2020-04-17
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - So far, 88 people who had fallen ill with Covid-19 have recovered from the disease and their tests no longer show the presence of the virus in their system, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control informed. 

This means that these patients have not only recovered from the illness but also stopped being infectious. 

"There are quite a few countries that recognize Covid-19 patients as recovered if they have no symptoms after a 14-day quarantine, without testing them. The algorithm currently in use in Latvia includes two control tests. I am glad about the 88 people who have recovered," Health Minister Ilze Vinkele (For Development/For) said in a tweet, wishing them health and joy of living. 

As reported, patients diagnosed with Covid-19 are only allowed to end quarantine with a physician's permission. A person is considered healthy after the clinical symptoms have disappeared and two consecutive Covid-19 tests come back negative. 

Initially, the two control tests were carried out two weeks after the disappearance of the symptoms, but later it was decided to do the tests three weeks thereafter because many otherwise recovered patients still had the virus in their system after the 14-day period. 

Of the 1,535 people tested for Covid-19 during the past 24 hours seven were diagnosed with the coronavirus infection, according to information released by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

This brings the total number of Covid-19 positive patients in Latvia to 682, while the total number of people tested for Covid-19 has risen to 32,837.

Of the 42 Covid-19 patients that are being treated in hospital at the moment, 37 are cases of moderate severity and five are severe cases. 61 patients have been discharged from hospital.