7 Vacation Spots in the Baltic Countries You Didn't Know About

  • 2022-09-20

On the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, you will find three countries - Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. The incredible beauty of nature, amazing architecture, nice climate, and amazing cuisine are just some of the reasons to visit the Baltics. But what to see here first? Where to get the most vivid impressions? You will find all the answers below!

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Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania

The city of Trakai was once the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Located on the lake's shore, it has never fallen under the enemies' onslaught. If visiting old castles is one of your spring break ideas, then we've got you covered! In fact, this place was one of the most impregnable fortresses in all of Eastern Europe, so you won't be disappointed!

The architecture is simply amazing, and the views are extraordinary. The entire region is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, so you can admire clear lakes and picturesque green hills.

Surely, you must visit the castle's museum where everyone can learn about the outstanding personalities who visited it at different times. There's also information about the significant battles that took place under these majestic walls. 

Plus, there are performances held for lovers of historical reconstructions. If music festivals are your cup of tea, but you want to try something new, here's a plan. Study when the next folklore holidays and festivals are organized, and be free to join them!

Pokaini Forest, Dobele, Latvia

Interestingly, the forest is quite popular among American tourists! Why? It was the US intelligence services that discovered the mysterious radiation emanating from here. Back in 1970, they were using data received from the satellite to study the place.

There are small stone mounds in the forest located among the trees in a certain order. Certainly, there are several theories explaining it. Some believe there was a secret military facility here. Others think that the forest grew on the site of a UFO landing. And the last theory is related to ancient pagan sanctuaries situated in the region.

Another thing that is no less intriguing is that, according to many, the forest recognizes the energy of each person and affects it in different ways. Some travelers claim that they were cured of illnesses, while others suffered from a headache. So, how will the forest react to you? Visit it to find out!

Rabbit Village, Birze, Latvia

This place doesn't leave tourists indifferent since the Rabbit Village is the cutest farm ever. There's everything for rabbits, from colorful houses and streets to even lamps! Moreover, there are other animals living here.

Rabbits move freely around the town, and everyone can pet them. Plus, would you like to buy one? Well, it's easy when you're in a Rabbit Village!

Narva Castle, Narva, Estonia

The first thing you should know about the Narva castle is that it's located directly above the river, which makes it a harmonious architectural composition. The place was built in the 13th century when Narva was part of Denmark's territory. 

There were many happy and sad pages in the long castle's history, and you will study them all once you come here. However, during World War II, the fortress was completely destroyed. In the 1950s, they began to restore the original appearance of the castle, as well as its authentic interiors.

And here's a must-see list of its main attractions:

- A museum telling what happened to a place up to the present day;

- An observation deck from where an astonishing view of the surroundings opens;

- The western courtyard hosts various events, from performances to numerous fairs.

Oru Park In Toila, Estonia

On the shores of the Gulf of Finland, there is a cozy resort town of Toila. Along with the stunning nature and clear sea, there is a magnificent landmark called Oru Park, created at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Compared to other tourist attractions, the park is not that old. However, it has plenty of brilliant reviews and is surely a place of power for many!

Tallinn Old Town, Estonia

It is the Old Town of Tallinn that will help you complete the fairytale experience. Tallinn is one of the must-see places on the list of charming cities to visit! Although this point may be obvious, we cannot ignore it.

The place is divided into two parts - Toompea (Cathedral Hill) and the Lower City. In the first part, there is one of the oldest Estonian churches - the Dome Cathedral as well as the majestic Toompea Castle.

In the Lower City, you will see the Town Hall Square. As for other attractions, be sure to visit:

- The gothic medieval town hall (15th century);

- The oldest pharmacy in Northern Europe (15th century);

- Church of St. Olaf, which was considered the tallest building in the world back in those years.

Wandering around the old city, try to forget about the rush and stress. Feel the soul of these colorful houses and old squares, and they will open up to you too!

Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, Riga, Latvia

One of the best European museums is situated in Latvia, just half an hour from its capital. Here, on a vast territory of 90 hectares, there are a bunch of unforgettable things to see! Ancient houses and temples, mills, and even entire farms – some of them date back to the 17th century. The buildings were carefully brought here from all Latvian regions.

This is an incredible place where you can become a time traveler and start a journey through the milestones of Latvian history. Here's what you absolutely must do:

- Study folklore, customs, and beliefs which Latvians have kept for centuries;

- Visit ancient churches;

- Feel the spirit of the past.

To Wrap It Up

The Baltic countries really have something to see. These are ancient fortresses, old temples, and mysterious palaces. Not to mention natural parks. Indeed, if you are tired of incredibly crowded and expensive European capitals, go here. In the places mentioned above, you will completely reboot and get a lot of new experiences!