7 Time Management Tips for College Students

  • 2021-11-21

A student who is well organized can become more productive than any other student in a college. To become organized, learning time management skills is important. The student must know the right time to wake up, study, do exercise, and go for meals. 
They must be disciplined and attend class lessons in time, have time to socialize, rest, and do the cleaning. Everyone has been given equal time opportunity on the 24-hour clock to make use of it in the most beneficial way. The following tips will help you manage your time more effectively.

Create a plan

One of the biggest disasters you can get yourself into is waking up daily without any plan for the day. You will keep flowing with the wave and it can take you to places you hadn’t thought you would go. Develop some good time management prompts that will guide you each day of your life in college. 

Do one thing at a time

When assignment deadlines are approaching fast, it’s easy to panic and try to accomplish so many things at the same time. This same problem also happens when exam time is fast approaching. You may want to study for the exam, research for your unfinished paper, and rush to the day’s class lessons. It’s not possible to do multiple tasks at the same time.

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If a schedule cannot work, change it

You might faithfully create a schedule to guide your daily activities but when the time to follow it comes, it fails to work. It often happens to many college students and there is nothing wrong when a schedule fails to work. The problem comes when it fails to work and you insist on sticking to it. If it’s not working for you, change it to fit your needs. 

Refuse procrastination

You may have a very good plan and stick to it for the first three weeks. Immediately after, something else that seems more important comes up and you fail to follow your schedules. At other times you might feel too tired to do anything and you postpone the schedule again. Eventually, you will become lazy and your plan will fail. Refuse procrastination and stay within schedule.

Exercise will help

Your body needs to stay healthy if you want to succeed in college. Studying alone without exercise will make you dull and it is a fertile ground for procrastination. Keep your mind fresh and your joints flexible through exercise. Mix exercise with healthy eating for a healthy heart, brain, and body. Set aside at least half an hour daily for exercise. 

Avoid distractions

Some distractions cannot be avoided, such as a student who comes to ask a question, a teacher who wants students to go to a field activity or a parent who needs your attention. 

However, it is easy to avoid most distractions especially gadget-triggered distractions. Switch off your phone, movie streaming app, or install apps to keep away distractions. If it's study time, lock yourself in your room to avoid distractions from people.

Set your priorities in order

Some tasks are more urgent than others and if you want to succeed, prioritize your goals first. While in college, your priority is your college education and everything else comes second.

The next priority is your assignments, homework or papers. Do homework first and then start to work on your writing assignment, starting with the most urgent. Next is your study time in preparation for exams followed by exercise and your friends come last.


Daily, you have an equal amount of time like any other student but what you do with it is what will make a difference in your academic performance. Set your goals right, create consistent time-ocused habits, and delegate if the need arises. Have time for exercise, eat healthy food, and create time for studying. If you manage to keep developing time management discipline, you will become a top performer and you will forever remember your time in college.

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